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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve- Photos

Well we drove about 3 and 1/2 hours to see our King Fish. He has to work unexpectedly this weekend, and we miss him! So we headed out and are spending a few days with him in a hotel. It's like a mini-vacation, and has been very relaxing, and laid back for our family. Probably boring to many.... but hey we're all together in one room with college football on TV, Wii, Thomas the Tank Engine and a computer. I'm cool with all of that!

New Year's Eve we arrived and the boys ran to see The King Fish. Not to be outdone, I wish you could have seen our Small Fry run to his Daddy! Oh my goodness, how precious!! His little legs could barely carry him fast enough! We headed out to dinner at one of the King Fish's favorite places, a Chinese Buffet. I'm never sure about Chinese Buffets, they can be really good, or really bad. Thankfully this one was awesome!! My boys couldn't believe they could eat as much as they wanted. LOL! Everyone left with full bellies to head back to our hotel, and celebrate the New Year. It was a fun memory making evening... just the kind I like.

Here are some photos:

Almost There Sweetie!

Horsey riding in our hotel room with Jabber Jaw.

Small Fry feeding his "horse" pretend carrots.

Daddy playing airplane with Small Fry. He flew onto the comfy bed behind them.

It was a game Small Fry loved!
He kept asking for more with his arms up and ready!

Tiger Shark and Small Fry after dinner....

My handsome oldest son. Look out girls....he's gonna be quite the catch!

Small Fry sugared up after a huge Chinese Buffet dinner!

After dinner- no nap and running on sugar and who knows what???

Uh-oh.... He's hit the wall... 11:15pm, and one very overly-tired toddler.

Five minutes later..... sound asleep.

Happy New Year!!


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Ok...that last picture is hands down, my favorite. So precious!! Looks like you all had fun and I think that was a wonderful idea. It is always more fun to be with family and hotels are our vacation spots as well. Except my kids would have made me swim with them

I do love a good China Buffet. My kids do too! they usually eat an entire plate full of the chocolate pudding.

Happy New Year!

Carolynn and Steve said...

so very glad you all had what looks like an awesome time this new year's===and so glad that you were all able to be together! Happiest of New Years, my friend!

Mamosa said...

What a fun trip! I just love that picture of Small Fry all crashed out. He looks like a peaceful little angel.

Becky and Keith said...

I'm with Kristine... LOVE the last picture - too, too precious! I'm so glad you were able to travel to see your hubby. Happy New Year!!

Troy and Rachel said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time!! Love, love, love the photos!! Aren't they the sweetest when they fall asleep in those big beds!!

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