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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This, That and The Other Thing....

We had a lovely Christmas that went way to fast! Typically The King Fish likes to take off the week between Christmas and New Year's but was not able to this year, thanks to that difficult construction job. It's okay though we made the most of the 4 days off we did have! Plus we are looking forward to this weekend together before all our outside activities start back up. I took my Christmas music off of my blog.... I guess that means it's time to start cleaning up. I wish the rest of the house, would clean itself up so easily! Decorations down, ornaments away, trees down, lights down... just click "Remove". (Oh how I wish!)

I've been fighting a sinus infection since before Christmas. It started out as a normal cold, but it's been over 2 weeks and I am still fighting it. I am too stubborn to head to the doctor's though, so I keep trying to treat it with a sinus rinse and Tylenol sinus. It is helping only a little, so I may have to head to the doctor's next week. Grr....I hate to have to do that....

In other news, The King Fish is again out of town, and I am holding down the fort here at home. We are having a service here to take care of all our critter issues, and they are sealing up the house good. They also had to fog the attic, and that led to my boys and I spending the night at a hotel in town. Thankfully we had a free night. It was actually pretty fun and relaxing for all of us. We popped popcorn and stayed up until 10:15 pm watching ESPN sports. (One of the channels we don't get at home). Pictures?? I have none. I thought (too late of course) that it would be nice to have posted pictures of the Jr. Suite they gave us at the hotel. It was beautiful!! I loved it and would love to go back!

This morning everyone woke up and after getting showered and packed up, we headed down for a free breakfast buffet. Man o' man can my boys eat! They are breakfast people for sure, especially my Jabber Jaw! Even Small Fry ate well, and loved the apple juice. We headed back home afterward, as the men continue to work on our house. Hopefully it will be done today.

I am working on both mentally and physically re-organizing our school closets. I have bought quite a few things to work on with Small Fry, and I need a place to put it all. (I have a Tot School post coming up soon of all we have done this week on Christmas break.) I'm also trying to mentally get my head back in the game for our regular homeschool for the older boys. I have had a nice break, and it's hard to start back up. One thing I know for sure, we will be working toward more independent work for them... especially now that they are older.

I guess that's all in this post. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon, and my posts will have more of a directional theme to them. (Not all scattered as I seem to have posted here!) :-)

With blessings,


Mamosa said...

We start bag to school on Monday. I'm not ready, of course. My prayer will be that God rekindle that strong desire to get back to school again. Right now, it's just not there.

Troy and Rachel said...

Glad you had a great Christmas.

The whole first year we were home with Daniel Troy worked his job that kept him away from home every week (only home on weekends - construction also) and I remember how tough it was. He recently changed jobs so he's home now and it's so much easier.

For being a "single" parent during the week - I can't get over how much you get done and how many activities you come up with!! I loved your post after this one showing all the photos of the activities with your little guy. I'm going to steal some of those ideas!!

Happy Holidays!

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