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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Small Fry Turns Three!

***Note: I posted this earlier this week, but since it has so many photos I am going to include it in Angie's Wordful Wednesday. I hope that's okay.... :-)

Our little guy turned three a few weeks ago. We celebrated at home with just our immediate family. I think all our kids like to celebrate this way best. They have had several kid birthday parties, which were fun, but they seem to like doing something special with just mom, dad and their brothers the best.

As this was Small Fry's first birthday celebration "ev-ah", we were all pretty excited to share it with him. We had balloons and streamers of course, and a cake that I sadly did not make. I will endeavor to make the next one though... because I just like my cakes the best. (Even if they aren't decorated the best).

Small Fry got some pretty cool presents.... lots of "Cars" themed things as well a a train set with some Thomas trains. My friends Stacy helped me to locate a gently used train table and that gift was from my parents, Grandma and Grandpa. I don't have a photo of it yet, but it's already in the playroom in front of the couch, and looks great!

Here are some photos of his big day! We have the craziest, busiest week ahead and if I don't post these now... they will never get posted!

Small Fry is checking out the decorations and his Lightning McQueen plates.

Blowing out the candle... (for the 2nd time!)
Camera wasn't ready the first time...

Uh-oh! Lightning Mcqueen undies.... you know what that means.... potty training is right around the corner. He keeps saying to me, "Potty soon." (I think he's ready, I'm just not sure I am!)

This was a stick that made noise every time you flipped it to the other end. It was a gift from one of his brothers. It was LOUD.
It is now hidden.

Small Fry received two "Cars" books. It's his favorite thing right now!

He LOVES to look at books!

From Aunt Lisa, Uncle Kevin and all their girls... Cars bath toys!
Can you tell how excited he is???

These are some of his new trains. Well new to him... his brothers loved to play with them at his age too!

And it seems they still do... I think they had as much fun as Small Fry did!

Happy Birthday Little Bro!!


Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - Happy Birthday Small Fry!! Looks like you got some good loot. I hope one day we can all get together because Daniel and Small Fry love the same stuff!!

Liz Mays said...

What a sweet, happy face! Happy Birthday!

Jen said...

What a great party. Looks like it was a fabulous b-day!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I don't think the number three gets much better than this...especially when it comes to Lightning McQueen underwear.

Good luck with the potty training.


Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

I got Dima Lightening McQueen undies for Christmas. I'll have to do laundry every time he wears them. He has a t-shirt with him on it and he is always digging through his drawers so he can wear it as soon as it is available. :) Happy Birthday to Small Fry!

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