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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Around the World Day- Russia

Our homeschool group is having an Around the World Day this Friday. I'm getting excited because we are naturally doing our study on Russia. This was good for us because the boys have obviously been there... we have some traditional Russian things to display, plus photos of some of the sites. Sure there are lots of other things we could be studying about Russia as well, and we'll be sure to do an overview... but we are drawing from a lot of our personal experience.

I've been pulling photos from the metro to display on a slideshow for the computer. It has been sooo fun to just look at the metro pictures again! It really is full of beautiful architecture and a rich history! I have never seen such a gorgeous metro system!

Anyway, we'll be reviewing the Kremlin and all we saw as well. One thing that's tough for me is we have an incredibly busy week this week. Our second post placement was today and it went well, and my dad is visiting tomorrow on his way out to the midwest. Thursday is a field trip for all the boys, and Friday is Around the World Day. Crazy busy huh???

All that to say, I was dreading making something for this ATWD event, because I really don't have the time to make a traditional Russian anything. But guess what??? I found a market here that sells Russian cookies and other stuff! Can you believe it?? The woman is Russian but she and her husband lived in the Ukraine. I knew when I saw the Cyrillic words on the poster in the store window that I had hit the jackpot!! Woohoo!! So, I'm bringing a tray of cookies from Russia, and the bag etc is all in Cyrllic. Seriously! Even the shortbread cookies have a Russian word on them. I gotta figure out what that is! They also had frozen Pelmeni which is a traditional Russian meat in a ravioli type thing. Almost like a pierogy in Poland. They would be easy to make in the morning and throw in the crockpot.... but I'll have to see how much time I have.

So that was an awesome blessing to stumble upon. I'm excited to see what else the boys and I can pull together for Russia on ATWD. Looking forward to it. I'll post photos of our display when it is all done. :-)


Over-Caffeinated said...

Please do join our study. I think you have to enroll online to be able to view the videos online, but as far as I'm concerned, you can just do the workbook and join in. I live by "the more the merrier". :) Please join us!

Troy and Rachel said...

What a busy week with a post placement stuck right in there! I can't believe you found that bakery - how neat is that!! One thing I found the other day at the dollar tree store was a panoramic puzzle of St. Basil's. I picked one up for Daniel. I was shopping for toys for Operation Giggle and came across it. You might check it out! Sounds like your study is going to be a great way to remember your trip and teach the boys!

Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

That is too funny. We have a Ukrainian owned shop in Anchorage that sells frozen pelemini also and verenki (Ukrainian pelemini) and shortbread cookies with cyrillic. I brought them to a Ukranian missionaries presentation at our church this past summer and he said that the cooks said something about a cow. They had a picture of a cow on them too. Maybe the same ones? The pelemini will be very soggy if left in the broth too long. Served with fresh dill and sour cream in chicken broth they are delicious!

Nekey said...

You had a wonderful display! And the food was yummy!!! LOL

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Jackie, way to score on the Russian market! That may be worth a drive to your neck of the woods. We're having a family day party for Lexi next month and I would love to serve up some traditional Russian cuisine. I have several Russian cookbooks, but I like the idea of buying it from someone who knows what they are doing (at least the 1st time.;0)

Hope your ATWD was a great success!

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