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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hectic- Busy- Update!

I seriously don't think this Fall could be any busier....

I know many that have more than 3 kids... and I honestly don't know how they do it. My kids are involved in a ton of extracurricular activities and I find I am running all the time. Well except thankfully during the day when I am homeschooling them. I have to say... schooling this year is going well. We are just completing our 9th week of school... tomorrow will be day 44 (one less due to Labor day).

The boys are learning a lot in their co-op classes... and I love the accountability that it brings to our home. Yes, it is absolutely hard to get each of the creative writing assignments done every week, especially for boys who don't necessarily like to write. BUT, they are learning... and oh how I love to see that! Tiger Shark has completely gotten it into his head the idea of a rough draft, and actually likes the idea! He likes that he can write freely for a rough draft paper and then go back and clean it up, editing for a second of third draft.

Jabber Jaw is very creative by nature, but for some reason he psyches himself out for the writing projects. He gets it into his mind that it's too much to write, when if he just "did it", the ideas and creativity would just flow out of the boy. He does tend to be my imaginative child, though that can also be seen as "daydreamer" and is not exactly a conducive trait for "focusing on getting a project done".

They take science too and I am proud of all they are learning there. Again I'm loving the accountability. They are learning all about birds using Apologia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I love this book... and they have learned a lot! Both did well on their first tests at co-op. Yay!

Here at home we are covering math, (fractions for Tiger Shark and division for jabber Jaw), grammar, spelling, reading, vocabulary, Latin, and history. In history we are learning all about the Native American Indian groups... not only in North America, but South America too. We are finding out today what happened to those groups of people and civilizations (Incan, Aztec, Mayan) when the Spanish Explorers came to their land. Interesting stuff.

I'm pleased with our schooling this year as we are mostly on target. Last year with our trip to Russia and the transition afterward, school was definitely more difficult. This year it's still difficult, but it's the priority. Unfortunately the house suffer because of it. The King Fish doesn't mind too much, and I'm grateful he is willing to jump in and lend a hand!

Aside from co-op and homeschool the boys are playing football. Practice two nights a week and games Saturday. They take piano as well and are involved in Lego Robotics. Throw in our church activities on Sunday and taking care of our busy toddler and you have one busy Mama!The King Fish is out of town 2-3 days a week, and I'm trying to keep up as best as I can....but I guess somethings just have to give. (My housework being one of them). :-)

So that's an update on our busy family. I'll have an update on Small Fry very soon. Yesterday was his 3rd birthday, but since The King Fish is out of town we are celebrating it on Saturday. I will post lots of pictures... we also have his 3 yr old check up coming up... so I will have more to update then as well.



Troy and Rachel said...

Thanks for the update! Happy Birthday to the little guy - can you believe he's 3?!?! I think you asked how old Daniel was and he turned 3 back in the end of June so they aren't too far apart. Sounds like the boys are doing great. I love the whole "rough draft" part!!

Carolynn and Steve said...

You are one busy Mama! It sounds like you're learning along with them--one of my favorite parts of teaching!
Glad that things are going so well!

Peculiar said...

Sounds like your days are as busy as ours, we just have different exra-curricular activities. I have to decide to say "no" to some things, just so we don't all over commit and we'll at least do some things well instead of many things "so-so."

Claremont First Ward said...

SOunds like you are SO busy!

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

Wow! You are a busy woman! Happy Birthday to your little man!

Flamingo said...

your co-op sounds so cool. even after a day where i wasn't sure they would all survive, i still dream of homeschooling one day. sigh. i don't know. we'll see!

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