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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friends and Laughter

Last week my two oldest boys called two of their good friends from back north. Their friends are also brothers and very close in age to my boys. God truly gave us this friendship several years ago, despite the fact that we would only be close to them in proximity for a year and a half. This family is so precious to us... and I'm amazed at how our boys have remained friends since we moved away. Keeping up a long distance friendship is hard.... truly it is. But we try to get up to visit once a year and send cards or call occasionally. Here are photos I took of a recent phone conversation they had. The joy on their faces is great! They had their friends on speaker phone and at one point were both on the ground literally rolling and laughing! Just looking at the pictures makes me smile.


Nekey said...

reminds me of our friends in KY.. I never hang up the phone with her without smiling!

Troy and Rachel said...

That's great! Friends come and go at times, but the ones you keep like that are truly special!

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