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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Masterpiece by Small Fry

Last evening the King Fish and I were spending some time relaxing on the couch before dinner. He had been away since Sunday evening and just got back in town. We sent the boys up to the playroom and Tiger Shark was in charge of his little brother.

But throughout our conversation stray thoughts kept wandering through my mind....

"It's awfully quiet up there."

"Hmmm I wonder what they are doing?"

About 15 minutes later Jabber Jaw came down because he smelled dinner. I asked him what his brothers were doing. His answer... "I don't know".

Minutes later Tiger Shark came downstairs with Small Fry and deposited him between The King Fish and I on the couch. Everyone was hungry.

And then I noticed this:

I looked at Tiger Shark and asked him.. "What was your brother doing up there? Were you watching him color with green marker?" Then I showed him the evidence.

Big round flying saucer eyes from Tiger Shark.... "Ummmm no."

Me: "Well you better get back upstairs and check and see exactly where he drew with that green marker."

A few minutes later this is what we found.

Not good. It's our bedroom sheet, and our new white down comforter.

The King Fish calmly talked to Small Fry about only drawing on paper.... and I snapped a photo of the masterpiece for posterity.

I really must have mellowed from my first child, because when Tiger Shark drew all over my almost new entertainment center in green crayon I freaked........ and bawled..... and hoped The King Fish could make it all better. (Which he did- thanks to a handy product called Goo-gone).

This time I just snapped a picture and headed downstairs as the sheet got thrown in the wash and the comforter got spot cleaned. The King Fish once again made it all better.

And as for our little Small Fry... well he doesn't look that remorseful. Little Stinker! :-)


Nekey said...

we do mellow, don't we? Did it come out? :-)

Alisha said...

That face made me laugh! He looks as if he's saying "mission: accomplished!" Such a cute little guy!

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