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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home Again

I'm back from the Women of Faith Conference, and it was truly awesome! I can't even put it into words yet at how impacted I was by this trip. It was definitely a time to hear from the Lord.

Since I can't really find the words yet to share with you, I wish I could put it in pictures instead. But being the brainiac that I am, I forgot my camera. How is that possible??? Didn't I say at the end of my last post that I'd be posting lots of photos??? I'm so ticked at myself. I mean, I could have shown you photos of me with tear stained cheeks during the entire event. Really.... quite attractive.

Now that I'm home having been quite blessed by all of the speakers and music at WOF, I am dealing with a sick household. The day before I left, I went to sleep at 12:30am. Small Fry woke me up with crying at 2am, and had a fever. (Only his 2nd since he has been home almost 8 months.) I woke up the King Fish and asked if he thought I should stay home... he answered: "Go!" So I left to pick up my friend Susan at 5:30 with only a few hours of sleep under my belt.

Poor King Fish definitely had a rough and stressful time with me being away. He was frazzed when I got back. Small Fry's fever finally broke today, thank goodness, but he has a croupy like cough now. Poor little guy. I don't think he realizes that he has to cough it out, so I keep encouraging it and giving him lots of liquids to help break up some of his congestion.

Poor Jabber Jaw had a runny nose/stuffed up head. He's much worse tonight, but no fever.

The King Fish had a sore throat on Saturday and when I came home from church this evening he had a fever. Not good. He's miserable.

I too felt a cold coming on, which I now have. My poor nose is running again, and I feel like Rudolph.

The only one not affected yet is Tiger Shark. I have my own theory why. He's been clearing his sinuses now for 4 days (3 times a day) with the netti-pot. Ever heard of it? Google it. Interesting stuff. But I'm telling ya I think it works. He has really bad allergies and sneezes something fierce in the mornings. It's been really awful, and so I finally took him to the Drs on Thursday. He recommended some allergy medication as well as a nasal spray (w/out a steroid) and a saline spray. Well we bought the saline spray, but went a step further and purchased the saline rinse (aka netti-pot). He has definitely noticed a difference, and I think he hasn't gotten the cold because he is clearing all that debris, dust, and bacteria out of his sinuses daily with the saltwater rinse.

So having the runny nose that won't quit this evening... I decided to try the netti-pot for the first time. Let me tell you it %^$ (insert explicative here). I don't know how Tiger Shark can handle that, but he has my utmost praise and awe. It was hard to do, and the saltwater seemed strong to me. But I'm going to continue to try this... because I really think it will help.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll drop Tiger Shark off at co-op and then come home to take care of the rest of the family. (And my own cold). The germaphobe in me will be kickin' it into high gear to start disinfecting everything! Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup sounds nice too.... I hope I feel well enough to make it!


Alisha said...

I'm glad that you had a great time at WOF!! I can't wait to go next year! Sorry that you all are sick. Hope it goes away quickly!

Barb said...

Have fun cleaning . . . ugh I hate that! Not sure how I missed so many of your posts . . . so I got a good update this morning . . . So glad you had a great time at the conference - will you be posting any more about it?

Kelley Z said...

Dr. Oz has been preaching the bennefits of a netti pot for years. Been around since the Egyptians. It is definitely what will help anyone with allergies like Tiger Shark. It should help you too since it reaches the upper sinuses. Keep trying it. We have one too!

So glad your WOF conf was good. I am sooooooo looking forward to coming to Nashville for MOPS conf on Sept 24th. Wish I would have a car so I could come see you!
Love Ya,

Genny said...

I've been to several WOF conferences and have loved them all. So inspiring. In fact, it was at one of the conferences where I decided to become a writer...:)

Glad you had a great time!

Susan said...

Well you could have had pictures if only my camera worked for long distance shots! ;o) I had a fabulous time!!!

Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

About this time each year I put 7up in the pantry, make sure we have saltines, and make chicken soup for the freezer ... all this 'just in case'. Thankfully it has been about 3 years since the flu visited us but all the same ... better prepared than not. I hope you are all up and at em' again soon. So glad that you had a good time at the WOF. Sounds uplifting.

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