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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Frenzied Week!

I know I'm typing this on a Thursday, as if my week were done. It's not, and there is a reason which I'll get to.... just let me tell you about my crazy week.

I seriously thought last week was the most hectic in quite some time. However, this week topped it.... easily.

For a homeschool mom who enjoys staying at home with her children, I found myself away from my house far more than "in" it. This was evident by the mess around my house that I never had time to get to, and the mess in my car, that kept accumulating as we drove all around the area/state this week.

We began our outside classes this week at what I will call "co-op". The boys LOVED them, and I'm sooo glad! However, having uttered those words first, it also means more work for me to keep up with. Homework in Science, Creative Writing and Art. I need to make sure they are added to my planner to ensure they get accomplished!

We also have been busy with football again.... and Lego Robotics. This is a new activity (lego robotics) but it just happens to fall on one of our busiest days. Wednesday's are already full of activity.... however, this is a short term one, only until December. The opportunity for the boys to build a robot and compete against other teams is awesome!

Having said all that, my crockpot has been getting a workout lately. Not enough though, judging by the fast food bags in my car. It's a sad state when your 2 yr old sees the golden arches and yells: "Donnie's!" (McDonalds)

So, why am I posting my week's crazyness on a Thursday? Because I'll be away on Friday and Saturday.

Completely away......... like no computer away.

I'm headed to the Women of Faith Conference in Atlanta..... and trust me I need it!!! I'm looking forward to time away to just listen, and soak in God's Word. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It's one that doesn't come around all the time, and I appreciate it all the more!

I'll be taking my camera along and I'll post lots of photos in a blog post when I return. I'll be around all day, since today is another football day.... but tomorrow I am off!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Troy and Rachel said...

Enjoy your weekend!! I loved your post on Tot school - the colorful ziti looks so crafty and like so much fun! I hope you get a chance to rest soon!! And don't worry - Daniel yells out McDonalds when he sees the arches too and then proceeds to place his order with me!

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