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Friday, July 31, 2009


I just have to type it out... it's therapy for me this blog.

I posted about a week ago our upcoming plans for the school year. I even had my new master schedule all done. But then I went to the curriculum fair in our area, and I changed some curriculum. And that required a change in teaching methods. And that required a change on the master schedule. Which then required a change to Small Fry's activities. (To keep him engaged while we are schooling as well). That caused me to re-think my original location of where we would be schooling. Then all the new books began arriving and I realized that my school room is waaayyyy overcrowded. I have run out of bookcases! Books are piled everywhere.. and there isn't a semblance of order either. It is overload for this organizing freak!

Seriously.... overload.

I'm feeling the stress of starting school in a week and having nothing settled and no organization. If you have read anything by me before, I like to have some semblance of neatness and organization for me to feel relaxed. My boys do much better in a de-cluttered environment as well. As it stands currently, this is not an environment conducive to that.

SO, all that to say I am stressing out a bit. I am hopeful that tonight the King Fish will help me gain order that is now missing. If we dig out from under the piles of books, and toys etc... I'll maybe post pictures of what we created.

However, if I'm still buried in this avalanche after this weekend... someone send out the rescue dogs. And send some chocolate..... I'm gonna need it!


Nekey said...

I feel ya! I don't have a schoolroom so I have books everywhere. Good luck and don't worry I will bring you some chocolate if you need it. :-)

Carolynn and Steve said...

Oh, Jackie--

The few weeks before school starts, and then the first couple of weeks of actual classes, I ALWAYS feel overwhelmed--even though I've done this many times before. It will come together and it will all be fine. Hang in there, sweetie, and best of luck with getting things organized. I'm praying for you!

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