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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

His Tender Heart....

Yesterday was a tough day with Small Fry. Really tough. We had been on a 10 day whirlwind tour of the north, sleeping in a different place every 2 or 3 days. I just knew when we returned home we would have some behavior issues. We sure did! Meltdowns galore and control issues as well. I was just mentally exhausted from dealing with all of it for two days.

Poor Jabber Jaw saw how down I was and so at VBS last night he set about making me a gift. He has such a tender heart! He hid the gift behind his back and this is what he said to me before he gave it to me.

Jabber Jaw: Mom, I know you've had such a hard day with ____. So tonight at VBS I made something for you that I thought would cheer you up.

This is what he made me.

Aren't homemade gifts the best? He could have saved it for my birthday in a few days, but he knew it would make me feel better now. This little guy was so thoughtful, it just made me well up with tears. He could tell I was touched by my tears and the hug that I gave him that stretched onto forever. As I hugged my boy, fast becoming a young man, I thought: "cherish this..... He's growing so fast!"

I love him to pieces that Jabber Jaw.


Anonymous said...

Awwww...what a sweetheart he is. You have such a precious family. If I'm ever talking about y'all and the kids can't place the name, I'll say, "You know, the really sweet, polite boys."

And, they all say, with a look of recognition on their faces, "Oh, yeah."

Troy and Rachel said...

How incredibly sweet!! Isn't it amazing how great your children can make you feel. Hope Small Fry is back to his usual self soon.

Nekey said...

How wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes.. very precious.

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