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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scrumdiliumptious Muffins - Part deux

Okay folks, I'm sorry that I did not post an update about the muffins.... I was busy re-organizing the boys closets, instead of packing for vacation. Then late last night I began packing for vacation. Today we drove 10 hours to PA to a family reunion. It was a long day in the car.... VERY LONG! Small fry was bored very quickly and we just had too much stuff. We were all packed like sardines! So, I'm fried and sitting in our hotel room vegging out while my children attempt to sleep. I wrote this two days ago, but did not have the chance to post it. I also had a lovely picture of my basket of muffins... but I am now away from home with no cable to upload any photos off the camera. Ah well... Enjoy!


Last evening I asked the King Fish to read my blog. I sometimes do this so he can catch up on my day or a story without me having to repeat myself vocally. So, he read about the roofers, and waking up and finally about the muffin making. He read that at 11.....pm... as in at night......and then he looked at me and wisely said, "I'm going to bed." Why? Because The King Fish knows me... he has been there when I have volunteered to participate in one too many cookie exchanges at Christmas. After the first one he said never again... but there was a second and even a third. Typically it is me realizing at 10 or 11pm that I have to bake 12-13 dozen cookies for the next day. And you know who gets suckered into helping me..... uh-huh. Which is why he said, "I'm going to bed." Wise man.

Well, I was exhausted too, and I knew I needed to get up early (like 6am) to get myself and those muffins ready for the first roofing break in the morning. If there is one thing you must know about me, is that I am not a morning person. My mind starts ramping up around 9pm and the creative juices start flowing! At 6 am I don't even know if I have a mind, much less anything creative flowing out of it! Before I went to bed I was so tempted to say... "Oh well, just forget it...." Except for this: I already told everyone in blogland that I was baking muffins... that I was practicing hospitality..... I had accountability!

So at 6am I woke, showered and had a quiet time while drinking my coffee. I am amazed that I even did all that by 6:45am. At 6:50 the roofers showed up and began unpacking their trucks. They naturally woke up Small Fry again, but Tiger Fish and Jabber Jaw were pretty oblivious to the racket going on right outside their window. How, I have no idea??? I brought Small Fry down and we proceeded to gather our ingredients to make the muffins. Until I realized I had no oil. Ugh! So, off to the store we go, to get oil and now breakfast for my kids. (Raspberry creme danish... so much better than pop tarts!)On our way back into the house the foreman asks me a question or two, and I let him know that I'll have some muffins for the men during their morning break. And do you know what... they turned out great! I made the boys taste one and it passed the taste test with flying colors.

At 9:30 the foreman promptly rings the doorbell to let me know they are going on break, and I handed him this lovely basket filled with the best scrumdiliumptious muffins you ever saw. About 12 men parked themselves in the shade across the street with the basket and some water. I wish you could have seen the smiles... My children did, and I could tell it touched their hearts. I never anticipated that...So, in the process of practicing hospitality, some men were touched by a small gesture, and my children got to witness the effect that kindness can have on another human being. It was small thing, but it made a lasting impression. I think it was the best part of my day...


Troy and Rachel said...

See - I still remember my mom doing the same thing!! I hope to show Daniel the same one day. You rchildren will remember too and then they will in turn bestow the kindness on someone else. Great job Jackie!!

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