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Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Vacation!

Yesterday as I mentioned we drove 10 hours to our vacation destination. Was it St. Thomas or Jamaica, two places frequented recently by a few of my blogger friends? Nope our destination is the balmy breezy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm not really sure if you can call it an island, but it is located between three rivers. It also is the site of our family reunion.

So, as I mentioned we drove 10 hours. I know I keep mentioning it, but it was sooo not fun, it's like a bad dream that keeps coming back to me. Small Fry was not happy to be stuck in the car for that long.... and since the King Fish was driving, I had the opportunity to try to make the ride bearable. We were exhausted when we got to the hotel. We put Small Fry down and the boys to bed, while the King Fish went to find a grocery store. I had to separate Jabber Jaw and Tiger Shark, as they were giggling and laughing which was escalating enough to wake Small Fry. What followed felt like musical beds without the music. Picture The King Fish snoring so loud that it shakes the rafters. Picture everyone else soundly sleeping. Picture me getting up multiple times from a deep sleep to tell him to be quiet, etc. Then picture me at 2am, having had enough of all things snoring... getting up one last time to move everyone around. This way The King Fish is right next to me, and I don't have to get out of bed to tell him to rollover, I can just give him a little shove. Needless to say my sleep last evening was not good!

Today we spent the day at an amusement park. The big boys had so much fun! So did their daddy! Roller coasters are a favorite for all three. Small Fry and I road much tamer rides like the carousel. Then we went to Kiddieland where we road something like a tilt a whirl but for little kids. That spun both of us around just enough.... thank you very much! Small Fry even road a few rides all by himself, which was a HUGE deal! The park is such a noisy place with loud coasters and big kid rides. Tons of whistles, fog horns, screeching steel etc. I could really tell how far Small Fry has come in his adjustment. When we were home about a month we went to an Upwards basketball game of the boys. At the 1/2 they blare a loud horn and it scared our little guy to death. I would always watch the clock and as it got down to seconds left I would cover his ears to help him deal with the sound. Today he had louder noises than that coming at him from every angle at times, and he handled it like a trooper. Gone was the fearful look on his face, replaced by one of curiosity... "what was that mom?"

I will have lots of photos to post from this day... I am so proud of how courageous my big guys have gotten. Really really proud. I will post that as well after we get home, and I can show you the rides that they rode today. They absolutely positively take after their father!


Nekey said...

Oh my.. I can relate on the snoring issue. I hope you get much better rest tonight!
WOW on small fry's progress and oh no.. you are NEVER getting me on the big roller coasters.. uh-uh. nope. :-)I do well to ride the Caterpillar thank you very much!

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh - so glad the ride is over and the first night! Hoping you get some sleep and enjoy the rest of your vacation!! It sounds like Small Fry has been adjusting so well!!

Becky and Keith said...

You are too funny... I love PA! :-) I'm SO sorry about your first night's sleep, but can so relate. When we stay in a hotel, Keith and Alex typically share a bed and he is so much further away from me and I can't kick him... errrr... I mean nudge him. Hope you get some sleep on the rest of your trip and have lots of fun!

Genny said...

10 hours? Oh my. I had to laugh when you said it was like a bad dream...sorry, but that was funny. Glad you survived! :)

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