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Friday, March 15, 2013

Next Project- Replacing Siding and Deck Damage

Photos coming soon of this fiasco!  To make a long story short… we have this weekend only to replace the water damaged siding on the back of our house, and the rotted deck boards on our back deck.  Why???  Because we are trying to get this house refinanced and we don’t want to lose our locked in rate.  Such a pain in the you know what!  I was planning on designing and having the King Fish built several raised garden beds for our garden this Spring/Summer.  But that had to be put off.  Ugh! 
So while The King Fish works on that project, I am on Pinterest gathering ideas for our next several projects!  Care to know what we’ll be attempting next?  Well the following are in the running. 
1.  Swap bedrooms so the two oldest boys can finally have their own room, and Small Fry and Munchkin can share a room.  This will probably happen sometime late this summer.  The big guys and I are gathering ideas on Pinterest for how they want to decorate their rooms.  One wants to go all out SPORTS.  At least he is into having a chalkboard wall so he can draw his own sports stuff on their, which will save me on the bright team colors!  He wanted to go Kelly Green and Gold and Orange.  Ummmm….. NOT!  Unless you have a hunting theme or Duck Dynasty.  LOL!  He wants a big cool mural on the wall, and I can see it black and white too.  I think his space will end up looking cool.  The other son wants to go vintage/industrial.  I am very psyched about his room.  He wants to go “”junking” with me at architectural salvage shops,the habitat for humanity re-store, flea markets and yard sales to find the stuff to decorate his room.  A kid right up my alley!  I have an old 1920’s wooden office chair that he can totally borrow (it was my dad’s and who knows where he got it, plus we have an antique typewriter that he could totally use in his space as well.  Music/guitars and old license plates plus industrial lighting will grace his space.  Below are some ideas I’ve been checking out.
chalkboard wall
bedroom mural vintage industrial collage
Guitar mural wall 
license plate art

2.  The second option is to re-do the dining room.  That one “seems” like it would be pretty simple.  But nothing is ever really simple here at our house.  We always seem to start a project and find that it requires more work than we initially thought.  The dining room needs to be reconfigured and a piece of furniture needs to come out.  It is tight in there…..  We use it for a work station for school, and for china storage etc… and for eating whenever we have friends over, which is rare.  Plus it’s where I teach my classes to kids outside the home.  I need more space in there and the table can expand to seat 10 comfortably, but right now it can’t because it’s at an angle.  I need everything back and straightened up.  We would have to change the doorway trim on two doors in the dining room, change the window trim, and then add new boards and batten (but more formal) to the lower part of the walls.  It currently has crown molding and beautiful dental molding that the previous owners did not paint.  So that will have to be done.  Plus, I want to stain the pretty buffet I bought two years ago.  I have no idea what color I will go.  I am leaning toward a sea blue/green.  My friend painted her shutters and door that color and it transformed her house.  Here is the molding I am thinking about for the lower half of the wall.

dining room trim
3.  Third option is to re-do the doorway trim and baseboard molding in the upstairs hallway.  We already have all the paint we need, it would just be a matter of changing out the trim.  I would also love to have the King Fish add crown molding upstairs, but that will probably have to come later…. if I just get the doorways changed and the wall re-painted I will be happy!
4.  The garden is a given.  But I really would like to add raised bed this year.  I think it will make the prep work much easier next year, AND keep the critters like chipmunks etc out of the garden.  Or at least keep most of the critters out.  I was thinking of a couple raised beds like this.  I think if you click on the photo it will take you to a great step by step link of how to build this yourself. 
5.  Finally, What I would really like to do is put a fence around our entire property.  I am really tired of dogs coming into our yard and using it as their personal bathroom.  Plus Munchkin is scared to death of dogs and we have two neighbors in particular whose dogs get out all the time.  I would like to keep them out of our play area.  Plus I think a fence would add character and when combined with the right landscaping…. it can add privacy.  We desperately need privacy in our side yard!  I LOVE the fence below.  It really goes well with the farmhouse type clapboard and it looks just beautiful with the flowering dogwoods that provide some privacy. 
fence landscaping
So there you go!  My dreams for projects for this year.  Not sure if we’ll get all of them done, or maybe one or two.  But I’m having fun on Pinterest gathering a multitude of ideas for when we are ready to move forward! 


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