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Thursday, April 19, 2012


It is hard to believe that it’s been this long since I’ve blogged.  Life is crazy!  Homeschooling my kiddos is busy!  Good, but it keeps me busy and away from this blog.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just update a little at a time, and then maybe I’ll get caught up.
School has gone really well this year.  We are in the final stretch, and trying to complete major projects for the end of the year.  My older boys take outside classes in subjects that I do not excel at…. and so we have a Science Fair project coming up, and a big history presentation.  We also have Finals in both of those subjects as well.  I say “we” because I will be making sure the studying gets done etc.  We will still be doing school through the summer in Math.  The boys will have some vocabulary to finish this summer, and then I am making them do some summer reading.  (I know what a terrible mom!!)  They are going to have to read at least 4 books and they will also be writing papers on them.  It’s not THAT bad, and it will keep their writing skills fresh. 
Small Fry has started K4 this Spring, and will be in K5 next year (here at home).  I am so impressed at how his fine motor skills have improved over the last year.  His gross motor skills have always amazed me, but his fine motor skills seem to have caught up.  He cuts with scissors so well, and his coloring is really good!  His own creative drawing could use some work, but we’ll get there.  I am loving doing the K4 program with him, and how he is learning his vowel sounds and blends.  I have saved both Tiger Shark and Jabber Jaw’s Kindergarten work, so it will be fun to pull it out and compare all three.  (I love that I saved all that!!)  ;-)
Munchkin is wanting to do everything his big brother does, but he can’t.  He loves to color on blank white paper, and will ask to do so every day.  He is also learning all his ABC’s through osmosis I think, because I am not formally doing anything with him.  But he can point to letters and tell me what they are.  Kind of scary really…. he’s only two!  I’ll have to do a separate update on him later, as there is much to tell.
I am winding down this year and thinking about next year too.  I will be doing Abeka’s K5 with Small Fry and I will do some fun Tot stuff with Munchkin.  (Once he stops trying to put everything in his mouth).  I think age 3 will be a good time to start some fun stuff with him.  The big guys will still be taking Science and History outside of the home, which I love!  At home I’ll be using Teaching Textbooks Algebra for math, Easy Grammar and Abeka Grammar and Composition, and some type of Spanish.   I have also planned to teach a middle school boys literature and composition class with some friends.  I am really looking forward to reading some great boy’s literature, and working with them on writing.  Planning my books next month and working out the syllabus.  Love it!  The King Fish and I are also taking a lead role in Lego Robotics next year.  That alone is VERY scary for me.  I can organize, but there is a lot about Robotics that I really don’t know.  Plus it’s at our home.  And I don’t have a very neat or clean home… (just lots and lots of clutter!)  I’m just praying it will be a good experience for everyone involved. 
I guess that’s it for the school update.  I’m sure there is more, but it’s all I have time for.  I’m just glad I can get the Christmas pictures off the front page of my blog!  And speaking of photos.  We lost our camera on our trip to Florida to visit both sets of grandparents.  UGH!  I don’t even know where to look, and I can only hope it will show up in all the clutter.  
Next update:  Home stuff


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