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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Giveaway for a Great Cause!

Hi!  Remember me????  I know I have been absent from this blog.  I hate that.  Thank you to those who have left comments asking how we are doing.  I didn’t mean to worry anyone.  We are all doing really well!  I want to do a blog update soon, because we’ve been celebrating birthdays and football championships, and homeschooling is rockin’ this year.  And while I want to tell you all about those things, I NEED to tell you about this first!
It’s a Giveaway and a Fundraiser.  It is one AWESOME Giveaway… and it’s ending soon! 

Here’s the deal.  Adeye- who blogs at No Greater Joy Mom, is giving away a ton of prizes to help 32 different adoptive families offset the costs to bring home their children.  And she didn’t even start out with that in mind, she was just wanting them to post the links to their blogs so that others could find out about them and read, and possibly help.  But it’s morphed into so much more!  One of the giveaways is, get this…. a $500 gift card to Target.  $500 dollars!  Can anyone use that for Christmas shopping??

And I know someone who is trying to bring home two boys from Russia.  One is a last chance orphan who is just turning 16.  He has a little brother who they just found out about who is 5 years old.  They are listed as number 31 on Adeye’s links of families.  Go over and read their story and any other story you have time to read, and then please give to one of these precious families.  The blogging community is such a strong and vital community, especially the adoption community. 

Thank you!!  And I hope to get a blog/family update on here soon!  I really, really do!


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