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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great website- remodeling inspiration!

I just found this GREAT website, and I think I’m in heaven!  It basically is a website for IKEA furniture that is transformed into something even better.  It’s called IKEA Hackers.  You can check it out HERE. 

Oh my goodness!  I loved this idea for the Billy Bookcase.  It’s just turned on it’s side and sections are added for toys to be stored and displayed.  Very cute!  We happen to have one that is on it’s last leg, and could certainly be transformed into this!  Even if I used it to display items at a used curriculum sale, it would be sweet!



The next photo is what I REALLY want to do for the boys bedroom.  So, we’ve moved them into the old playroom, and it’s working great!  They have so much more space, but no closets.  There is a small room off of the playroom where they can watch TV or play their video games.  It has a sleeper sofa for company to stay as well.  I originally was thinking of putting IKEA wardrobes in that smaller room…. but then I saw the photo below and began to re-think it.




I actually have this wardrobe in our homeschool room.  It’s just in white with a window pane door.  It stores all my manipulatives and the kids crafts supplies and games.  To see more of our school room click HERE

storage 2

The wardrobe comes in several finishes and door fronts. Here’s my thought for the wardrobe system in the boys bedroom…. It can be store clothes while the boys use the room as a bedroom.  But if we ever need to convert the space back into a playroom, we can just take down the dowel rods and add shelves to store all their games and toys.  Behind closed doors!!  Plus this would sit directly across from a sofa, great for a TV.  (That was one of the hacks, the owner basically cut the doors in half to create a TV entertainment area.)  Cool huh?  I love the open side shelving to display all the boys trophies from their various sports activities! 

The last photo I want to show you is from the blog… Thrifty Decor Chick


I have fallen in love with this blog.  And I love all the ideas, big and small that this woman tackles for her home.  This is her stairway and it used to be carpeted!  She knew she had real wood under the carpet going up those stairs.  I have no idea what we have, but it’s a simple thing to check.  Just pull up a bit of the carpet…. So I want to check out what’s under my carpet on my stairs!  Because I have wanted to stain my stairs and paint the risers white since for-ev-ah!  Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.  The King Fish (ever so pessimistic when it comes to remodeling projects… or dare I say “realistic”) says it’s plywood… and he certainly may be right.  I’ll be bummed, because my simple inexpensive project just probably tripled or quadrupled in cost… but I’ll never know unless I pull up that carpet!

Looking forward to the weekend so we can finish one special project and take photos!







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