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Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Ready to Redo Some Rooms….

Our current bedroom situation is not working out here in our house.  We have a large bonus room that is not used as often as we would like, mainly because we spend the majority of our time downstairs.  Our big boys share one of the larger rooms, but they are growing and need a bit more space.  Our two little guys are not sharing a room yet.  Mainly because if one cries in the middle of the night, he wakes the other one up.  Once our littlest munchkin is up it’s hard for him to fall back asleep, he feels like he is missing all the action.  And Small Fry is easily distracted….  plus when they were in a room together they woke up at the butt crack of dawn!  That is so not good for this mama who is a night owl.  I need them to at least sleep or play quietly until 7am. Currently littlest munchkin (who still is unnamed on this blog) is sleeping in a pack n play in our bedroom.  We need him out and our privacy back.  I need to be able to read at night so I can fall asleep, and The King Fish, well his !^&# snoring is waking munchkin up!  Did I mention he has a hard time falling back asleep at 3 in the morning?  Did i mention that makes him cranky the next day?  Did I mention that the lack of sleep makes this mama cranky?  Two cranks do not make for a good day, let me tell you! 

So I had the brilliant idea to move all the rooms around. 

The King Fish was less than thrilled with my ideas….

(I think he was being a crank.)

But he said as usual that the house is my area, and if I think it will be helpful to move everyone around then he’s okay with it.  Pretend Eeyore is talking about now.  That’s about how excited he sounded.  Hopefully he will be more “into” it tomorrow when we begin to move everyone around. 

That’s right tomorrow, because I am not waiting another moment for an opportunity to get these guys organized! 

I hated that the playroom was underutilized.  And I hated that it was almost overwhelming in the amount of toys that could be pulled out and dumped everywhere.  Now each room will have age appropriate toys.  Munchkin can actually play with the kitchen center in his room.  And Small Fry can play with the trains and train table, without Munchkin coming in a clearing the table in one fail swoop!  The big boys will have a gaming area right off of their bedroom, and a table and comfy chair to play board games, do puzzles or read a book in peace and quiet.  They can even do their school work if they want to “get away” from the little guys for a bit. 

I’ve been checking out paint colors because, well, I just hate picking colors.  Most people who know me, know that.  I’m too color sensitive!  But for now I’m just going to move the furniture and then I’m going to let the big guys give me a hand in picking the colors and setting up their room the way they would like.  I think they’re gonna have fun! 

So here are some photos of boys rooms.  I’m not particularly fond of anyone…. They are more for input than anything.

  The first one I like because Sidney Crosby’s hockey jersey of our beloved Penguins is on the wall, and that makes a pretty cool boys room!


This next one I chose because I like the black bed. The boys beds are a cherry color.  I picked the headboard and footboard up at Goodwill in Maryland for $10 each.  yes $20 for two beds!  And I have dressers that practically match too.  But I’m debating painting them black.  It goes with practically anything….  But the dressers may be a future antique, and I would hate to ruin them.  So, I’m not sure what to do….  What would you do?


This next photo I chose because I actually liked the wall color.  It looks like a subtle blue gray.  Not sure how it would look with cherry wood.  It’s actually more like a red maple, but cherry is close enough. (I also like the headboards in this photo)


  I like the subtle blue/gray to go with the subtle stripes in the bedding.  But I don’t want the room to be too cute.  I also think a warm gold would look nice with the furniture. 

Here is their current room… with bedding.  I changed my mind about the wall color in their room.  It’s kind of bland.  Maybe it’s the bedskirt I dislike.  Maybe a brown color or something else.  There are no wood slats, so unless that quilt comes down pretty far it shows the metal rails and a lot of stuff under the bed.  I’d like to be able to get the boys new bedding, but I am trying to do this at a very “very” low cost!  Like maybe just the paint and a few flea market finds.  I’m already seeing a neutral bedding palette, but I’m sure my boys will have NONE of that!

 boys bed and bookcase

SO, any suggestions out there???  Paint the furniture?  Paint the walls?  Both?

Now is the time to de-lurk and give me your opinion on all of the above or whatever! 




Tracey said...

Hello friend! I'm "de-lurking" now! Ha ha! I love all your ideas and I know the rooms are going to turn out great no matter what. You have such good taste.

I love the idea of painting the furniture black. It's such a crisp look.

Be sure to post pics to let us know how it turned out!

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