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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ages and Stages-15 months

I know several people who do a monthly post for their newborns, to preserve memories.  I love that idea, and I love it for Munchkin too.  (No that isn’t his official bloggy name yet, but until the King Fish gives me some ideas, it is gonna have to do).  I wish I had thought to do this for Small Fry, because it feels like I just blinked my eyes and he turned 4 years old!  Where did those two years go??  Really, I’d like to know….

Anyway, back to Munchkin…… I’m going to start posting this on like 15 months, 18 months, and 24 months. 


Dear Munchkin,

You are growing so much since you came home from Russia. You turned 15 months old this month!  You started out in 12 months clothing, but you are officially out of those now and only wear 18 months clothes.  My favorite outfit for you is a pair of dark brown corduroy overalls.  You look so cute in them with your dark hair!

Xmas Photos 019

People are always commenting on how beautiful you are.  “What a gorgeous baby”, they will say.  Many can not believe that you came from Russia.  They will guess many other areas, including India, before I tell them.  Friends who know that both you and Small Fry were adopted from Russia, can’t believe that you both came from the same city.  I chuckle because really, does everyone in New York City look alike?    

You are generally a happy baby.  You sleep so well, and you wake up happy.  I love that about you!  Especially because mommy is not a morning person, and your smile makes me smile in the morning. You nap well too… for a good 2-3 hours at a time.  Pinching myself because of how lucky I am!  Your brother Jabber Jaw used to wake up so grumpy and irritable.  I hated to even wake him up!!  But not you…..

You are starting to eat solid foods now.  When you first came home, at a year old, we fed you formula in a bottle.  Then we switched to whole milk in a bottle.  But now I am proud to say that you are drinking everything from a sippy cup. Woohoo!  We still are giving you baby food, but we have started adding in more table food.  Soft chewable things.  You weren’t very fond of eggs, but you like pancakes plain and with applesauce!  You also liked french fries, and you are okay with hot dogs.  (I know, it sounds like I am feeding you such healthy things!)  I actually have made you sweet potatoes, and you loved them, and you love green beans too… but they have to be soft.  Your mama is trying to figure out this whole eating/food thing with you.  You aren’t strong willed about food, so that is good.  Your brother Small Fry sure was, and that was so hard! (He’s much better now, thankfully… and he loves fruit.  I wonder if you will too?)

You are a very active little guy.  When you first came home you had to be into everything.  We still keep gates up everywhere for you.  Friends of ours couldn’t believe all the gates we had up just for you.  I’m sure that most people just let their kids roam over all the house, but there are too many small things for you to get into, Legos and books, and magazines etc.  You are learning to climb now, and you like to climb the outside of the stairs.  You hold onto the baby gate and hoist yourself up the first stair and hold on and rock/jump.  You have slowed going from thing to thing, but we also have limited your toys downstairs.  You sometimes take a string and will try to insert it into the floor grate for 10 minutes.  Your concentration doing that is pretty amazing to me.  When you first came home to us your mouth was on everything.  You were very oral in your approach to your world and finding out about it.  Even mommy!  You would come over and put your mouth on my arm. Yuck!  I have seen that abating a little bit over this past week, so I’ll see how that declines as you get older.

You are jabbering so much now!  I just know those words will start coming.  Words like “Ma-Ma”.  You know that little word that I repeat over and over each day?  To which you smile a big smile and promptly say, “Da-da”.  Hmmf.  :-)  You also crack me up when it’s time to change your diaper.  All I have to do is get the diaper, and you will high tail it into the other room.  I will call you to change you and you just ignore me.  You should see how fast you run to get away, but when I catch you…. you giggle with glee and think it’s the funniest game.  Then you proceed to wiggle the entire time I am changing you.  I’ve never met such a wiggle worm in my life!

I LOVE watching you and Small fry play together.  I have prayed for you and your brother, that you would be as close friends as can be.  You two following each other with your pull along toys is so cute!  I love watching your two push each other on the little ride on vehicles in the house.  Or when you go up and give him a spontaneous hug.  Precious!  My favorite game of yours is a combination of hide and seek/peek-a-boo.  You both stand in a corner with a wall between you and take turns peeking around the corner at each other.  It’s so funny because when either one of you hits the corner and looks at the other, the game is on.  Too cute!

December Photos 432  December Photos 429

December Photos 428     

You make everyone in our house smile!  Jabber Jaw broke his collarbone and has not been able to hold you for the past 5 weeks.  Plus he had a bad virus (but we found out it was not the flu) and he was quarantined from you for awhile.  His sling came off this week so he could actually pick you up and hold you again.  He loved it!  I wish I could have captured the smile that came across his face!  Tiger Shark and you are best buddies.  You go running to him whenever you want to play and he scoops you right up! 

Just this week you have started to imitate my kisses.  Maybe not the actual actions, but the sounds.  I knelt on one side of the gate, with you on the other side, and you came running with your forehead towards me to get your kisses.  You must have done it 6 or 7 times in a row.  You’d get your kiss, turn around to walk away and then turn back around, smile at me, and come running/toddling back over with your forehead down for another kiss.  It was so cute!

We are so grateful for the joy that you bring into our lives little munchkin.  It’s hard to believe that a little while ago you where alone in an orphanage in Russia.  I am so grateful that God blessed our family with you… dear son!



Troy and Rachel said...

What a precious letter and a great idea!! I know he'll love to read that letter when he's older and see all the joy he brings you!

Becky and Keith said...

Love, love, love this post! Makes me long for another kiddo seeing Small Fry and the Munchkin play together!

Dede said...

Love the letter and the pictures of the boys hiding around the corner from each other. :-)

Craig and Phyllis said...

That was so sweet! He sounds like such a sweetheart. And he is totally adorable.

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