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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunshine on a Cold and Dreary Day

Today was such a cold and dreary day.  We woke up to lots and lots of rain.  It’s still raining even now at 10:30pm.  Our area is having flood watches, and several sections of road flooded over, as they tend to do, every time we have a torrential downpours.  It was not a day to be out and about…

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My Jabber Jaw said to me this morning when he saw the rain showers and heard the wind whipping against the house… “Mom, listen to that rain… it’s terrible weather out there, and the garbage men have to work in this.  We should do something for them, is there anything we can do?  Can we make tea or soup or something to give to them?” 

I have to tell you at 9am I was really not prepared in my mind to start thinking of things to make for anyone.  I had barely finished feeding the baby, and had to start in with the rest of the house, and I had not even started my coffee.  I tried to brush that idea off as i prepared to make breakfast.  No dice, Jabber Jaw just continued on with his thoughts about the weather and the garbage men and how it was not fair that they had to work on a day like today.  (I thought of an argument that maybe they get paid extra on days like today, but that sounded lame and flimsy even in my own mind, and so I discarded the thought.)  I began trying to think of a simple thing we could make.  Not tea, (I doubt they would want that anyway).  I didn’t have any take home bowls or cups or even ingredients to make homemade soup… and really that would have taken too long.  I searched the pantry and found some Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookies, but we were out of butter, having used it all for Thanksgiving.  I was not about to head to the store, with everyone still in PJ’s, and me not having showered in two days!  But my Jabber Jaw is nothing else but persistent…. We found our Brownie Mix and it only required eggs, oil and water.  So we set about whipping that up as quick as we could. I double the recipe so they are extra thick and chunky and then dust them with powdered sugar.  They are yummy!


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The brownies were cooling by 10:15, and at 11:10 we heard the truck on the street next to us. The brownies were still a bit warm, but we rushed to cut them and at least wrap them in waxed paper.  I wanted to make such a pretty wrap around them with red cellophane, but God must have known it was the thought that counted the most.  Jabber Jaw cut out the labels he typed on the computer and stuck one on each brownie.  We were flying around the kitchen, as they pulled up in the rain in front of the house.  Jabber jaw ran out in his socks to deliver the goods before they drove away!  I hope it brought a little bit of warmth and sunshine to them on this dreary day.  I’m sure proud of my son for his persistent nature, and his enormous heart. 

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Susan said...

What a VERY thoughtful thing to do!!

Anonymous said...

How very, very sweet and thoughtful. What wonderful young men you're raising at your house.

Our Russian Adopted Princess said...

What a great heart your son has. That is really inspirational. Hope things are going well for all of you.

Mamosa said...

How thoughtful! What a kind and gracious heart he has...just like Mom!

Tracey and Chuck said...

What a wonderful, sweet idea! What a caring son you have!

Melissa said...

Out of the mouth of babes! What a sweet treat for them. Our garbage guys come at 4AM so couldn't happen here. But definitely a huge heart on your little guy.

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