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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Travel Update

We made it to our first leg of the journey. Nine hours on the road and my boys ROCKED! I couldn't have asked for better. Small Fry was amazing. We have just a quick 2 hour drive tomorrow and we will see our friends from back home! Exciting! That has been one of the definite perks of this final trip. Seeing good friends.

The King Fish will be flying up to meet me tomorrow and we'll spend the night with another set of good friends.... We leave for our third trip to Russia the next day.

I was up until 3am last night working on packing etc. I slept about 6 hours, and I'll sleep a good bit tonight too. I'm feeling pretty good, so that is an answer to prayer!

Please continue to pray for travel mercies for our flights and for the safety of our family back home. It's the part I absolutely detest! Leaving my kiddos behind. I know that for them at least the time will fly, because they will be busy with good friends! Please also pray for the final details while we are in Russia.

I have to say it is very surreal to me right now. I have people asking me everyday.... "Are you excited to pick up your little boy?" I really don't have an emotion right now. I'm on autopilot. Getting everything packed, getting kids packed, finishing school work, it's been crazy to say the least. I haven't had time to reflect on things.... I haven't really had time to process everything. I'm sure once we are in Russia and we are with our little guy, it will all hit me. It was like that for Small Fry as well. Once he was in our arms and with us, it became real.

I have more to post about that... but for now I have to get some sleep. The boys are here with me and we ALL need to go to sleep! LOL!




Carey and Norman said...

Have a safe trip! Looking forward to meeting the new addition!

Troy and Rachel said...

Safe travels Jackie (and Chris). Sorry I'm late with the wishes. I can't wait to see a picture of you with your newest addition in your arms!!

Craig and Phyllis said...

So I think you may be flying today to Russia. (I missed your post earlier). I'm praying for you!!

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