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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Soon!

Well not quite "home", but definitely to the airport and then on to pick up our kids.  I can't wait to see them all again.  I have missed them terribly!

It's late at night here... morning actually and our little Elvis has a bad cold.  He is so congested and pardon the expression “snotty”.  Our sucky nose thing is broke too!  Of all the times to be without one.  We are so thankful to be going home tomorrow.  We will surely visit the drs on Friday if we get into town in time.  I feel for this little guy.  He needs a humidifier in his room, and some Vicks on his chest.  He needs his nose sucked and some homemade chicken soup.  I'm telling ya it does the trick!  Vitamins too!

Thank you Lord that we were able to change our tickets, and the flight we moved to is not very booked!  We made it through the embassy no problem.  We met two couples there.  Definitely much less than 2 years ago.  I think adoptions in Russia have slowed down, as less children are available and the Russian foster care program has really taken off. One couple adopted a one year old little girl, and she was cute.  I was so surprised that the process was less than a year for a girl under 1, and through our old agency no less.  The other couple adopted a three year old little boy named Alexander.  He was so precious!  My heart went out to that couple, as they have such huge hearts to adopt a 3 yr old.  Maybe they will read my blog by chance.  I wish I had gotten their info to keep in touch. Their little boy was not too happy to be waiting in the embassy....  but luckily I had fruit snacks in the diaper bag... from carrying them around for Small Fry.  We gave her two packs and he was happy for the rest of the interview.  I wish I had thought to give her the rest for their plane ride home!  I always think about things after the fact.  My brain never works when I want it to.  Their little guy is not even on the charts at 3 yrs old, and I encouraged her by telling her Small Fry's story and how he was under 3% too, and is now at 25%.  He's gaining ground.  Just give it a little time.  Her son was obviously very bright.... repeating words they would teach him.  I wish we had time to talk to them more, as I am an encourager at heart, and she needed some.  I would have told her to look up my blog too, but I forgot to give her that info as well.  Sigh. 

I promised a few more pictures of our little man.  One is surely of his Elvis type sideburns.  Saturday will be a quick trip to the barber that's for sure!  I think for all my kids.  (Unless my big guys decide to let their hair grow longer as is the style lately).  So these photos will  give you a “before” and when we get it cut, I'll post the “after”....  ENJOY!



Russia - November 096

Elvis anyone???  It’s not only touching his ears… it’s below the ears.

Russia - November 107

Big beautiful eyes….

Russia - November 111

Sound asleep during his afternoon nap…we ate lunch in the hotel lobby and that’s where he fell asleep.  Pretty amazing to me!

Russia - November 117


Dede said...

I can't believe they left his hair so long. They gave our guy a fresh cut before we picked him up and we had to wait months for his hair to grow out so we could cut it the way we wanted. Have a safe trip home!

Lisa said...

Can't wait until you get him home. I love the pictures! I looked at names of fish, but unfortunately couldn't find an "elvis fish". :) I have a whole bunch that we can go over at Thanksgiving...

praying for the flight home...

Mamosa said...

I can't wait to hear more!

Becky and Keith said...

Hehehe... LOVE the Elvis sideburns! The first night we had Andrew I waited for him to pass out and then made Keith come in and hold him up so I could cut his "tail" off and trim his sides. :-) Just thinking about that cracked me up. Hope you have a safe trip home and can't wait to see a pic of the 4 boys together! :-)

Nekey said...

Yay! This is the first time I saw him. Can't wait to hear more about him. :)

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