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Monday, November 29, 2010

Checking In and Catching My Breath. . . .

I know it seems like I have checked out of blogdom.  It sure feels like I have!  Most evenings I am so exhausted I just roll myself into bed, and before I know it it’s morning and time to start a whole ‘nother day.  I believe I said when we brought Small Fry home, that “we have a toddler in the house!”… but OH MY GOODNESS, this little guy makes Small Fry look like a walk in the park!  Talk about being into everything!  Holy Schmoly!  I have NEVER had a child so into everything.  Ever. I have never had to child proof my house like I must with this child.  We have gates everywhere!  And I mean everywhere.  I had to get knob covers for the stove, and then I had to take small knob things off the stove completely as he was pulling them off and could choke on them.  I have to close the bathroom off completely.  I will probably end up getting a toilet lock.  Magazines in baskets, forget about it!  Any books that are paper must be off the ground and higher than his level.  He’s also a trash picker.  We got a new trash can with a lid and pedal thing, so he wouldn’t reach right in and pick the trash.  He just opens the lid and digs in. So then we got an all purpose lock for the trash can.  I am not kidding you when I say that the very first thing he did the morning after we put that in…. (and he did not see us put that lock on the trash)… he pulled that sucker right off.  I mean figured it out and everything.  Right off.  Then opened the lid.  Little stinker… he is too smart!  Our translator said that they called him “Sneaky” (in a nice way) at the orphanage.  Now I know why.  He is fast too. He is walking and can walk fast.  Scary fast for 13 months.  I am thankful he hasn’t figured out climbing yet.  I am SO not ready to “go there”. :-) 

Our little man is yet unnamed here on the blog.  I am just trying to survive life right now.  LOL!  He is eating pretty well, and today he drank well.  He takes milk from a bottle, warmed up, and eats baby food.  He likes his food.  We have had family and friends in town for the last 8 days, so no schedule has been followed at all. I think we need to get on one, but that is also very hard when I have the big boys to take places.  Oh and our little man hates the car.  So not good when you drive your kids to and from activities all week long.  Oh my goodness he just cries when he is in there.  It is hard!  Please please someone give me some encouragement about that.  None of my kids hated the car, and Small Fry was just more quiet in the car than anything.  I have googled what I could, and I am just praying it is a stage, and that he will eventually learn to love the car.  (A girl can hope can’t she?)  Stories of how your child hated the car and now runs with joy to go for a “ride” would be very appreciated!

He is bonding very well with me, and does not want to go to anyone else at the moment.  Definitely seeing signs of attachment, and that is good!  He has a great giggle that, when you get him laughing, is so funny to hear.  I see some cute bonding between he and Small Fry as well.  Every time I see it, I send up a praise and thank you because we have prayed for the relationship between these two brothers since we started this 2nd adoption process.  Small Fry has stepped into the roll of big brother very courageously.  I am proud of him.  He sings to his little brother…. songs like, “I love my baby brudder”, and “Don’t cry baby brudder”.  It is precious to see.  I am making sure to spend quality time with Small Fry too.  We are making a big deal out of a later bedtime so he and Mommy can read stories and have a snack and talk before bed. I think having a baby brother has actually helped our bonding time even more.  Small Fry is at a fun age (4) where he talks and learns and says the funniest things. 

I want to do a separate post on our Thanksgiving fun, but it will probably be Easter by the time I get to it!  So much has happened with our little guy since we have been home.  He had a Drs. visit and had to have his ears scraped out… (ear infection was diagnosed once they could see in there).  He also had to have 4 vials of blood drawn.  It was like 30 minutes between the two of them of screaming and crying… poor guy!  Then the next day I took him to get his haircut.  Oh my goodness!  Let’s just say I was sweating by the time I left.  LOL!  More tears, but Elvis has left the building and he isn’t coming back!!  I swear if I could cut his hair while he slept I would!  It was that bad!  lol!  I couldn’t even get a photo of his first haircut, because I was holding him.  Oh well!

Here are two shots of my little Russian American cuties on Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoy them!

Small Fry Swing



Jeanette said...

They are soooo cute! Love the new haircut! Your new little guy sounds just like our Grace (baby home #3!!!) She is way more active and into things than my boys were. I read your post to my husband and we had a good laugh since we experience the same stuff. I will say that she has improved drastically. Much less mischief! We may have had to tell her about a billion times though. Grace didn't like the car in the beginning but now loves it due to the dvd player. As soon as we get in the car she points up at the screen. You could try a portable dvd player if you don't have one in your car already. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Hopefully you can sort out a good schedule soon. I know that helped me. The two little guys are so adorable. Small Fry is getting to be such a big boy though. As for the car, wish I could help. Colby LOVES the car and going places with us. You can try to bring a special toy or animal along but really, I have no idea. We lucked out there. Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see more pics.

Barb said...

Aww, Jackie, they are just so cute! Praying for you that your little man will soon look forward to being in the car, and looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures as a family with 4 boys!

Mamosa said...

I couldn't wait to hear more and see more pictures, but I didn't want to put pressure on you ;0).

As for not liking the car so much, maybe he associates the car with going to DO things that aren't so much fun (haircut, Dr. visits, blood draws)? What if you tried to associate car trips with really fun things, several days in succession, it would "condition" his little thoughts in a positive way? I know the last thing you probably want to do is get back in the car, but it might prove worthwhile in a just a few days time. Just a thought.

Susan said...

Such precious boys you have...ALL of them!!

Lisa said...

Who took those AWESOME pictures?? LOL!

You can see my DH in the background of the top one so that's proof I took it!

Love you!

Flamingo said...

he's home??? where have i been?! he is absolutely adorable!!! congrats!!!

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