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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd Day Complete

I’m typing this in the dark, while our little man sleeps.  The King Fish is making phone calls in the Executive Lounge of the Marriott while he can coordinate with US time.  My “W" key is sticking and it’s dark, so I apologize now for any typos.

First off!  I need a NAME!  Not an official name, but a blog name! I can’t keep calling him munchkin, though it’s certainly fitting.  I need a fish name.  Chime in with your best names for the newest little fish.  Please??!!??   I would really appreciate your ideas.

For now I am going to call him Elvis, because his sideburns are so long and his hair is so long and dark that he is reminding me of Elvis.  Have I mentioned that I cannot wait to get it cut back in the states?  I am going to have to learn how to cut  hair myself, because with four boys, that can really add up every month!  Anyone want to teach me?  And no bowl cuts!  I already know how to do those! 

Anyway, Elvis has done great for the past two days with us!  He has been so content to play in the room, walk up and down the halls, and check out the busy activity in the lobby.  He has not been a good napper here at all… but we are not pushing it here in Russia.  I’ll work on that when we are back in our own environment.  Since he is not really napping at all, he just melts down around 5:30-7:30.  He’s just a mess, and nothing will make him happy.  He’s ready for bed, but not that early, as we don’t need to be up in the middle of the night.  Last night he slept 11 hours straight through.  Thank you child!  I wish I could say the same for me.  Insomnia hits me like nothing I have ever seen in this country!  I hope I get a good 6 hours of sleep tonight, and I hope Elvis sleeps through the night again…. 

I have more pictures to post. But it will have to wait because it’s dark and I have no idea where the camera cord is…. or the camera for that matter.  E. had his first bath tonight too!  A little scary in the big bath, I think he’ll enjoy the one at home more.  But he smelled so good after it.  Lotion and sweet baby smell.  Yum! 

He has the worst fake cry!  Seriously it is so wimpy.  The King Fish and I told him he better do better than that, because he has three older brothers back home to contend with.  (And Small Fry has some pretty good crying pipes!) 

Tomorrow we hope to be through with the paperwork we need to finally take him out of the country and home with us.  Oh and I just want to say that I absolutely love this orphanage director.  Love her.  She is such a nice lady and takes care of the kids.  Just friendly and nice.  I wish I could go back and adopt a few more from her!  Dh liked her too, but probably not enough to go back and adopt again.  lol!

That’s all for now.  I am going to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day!  I miss my kids at home so much!  I have a whole ‘nother post to post about that..




Anonymous said...

Guppy? Minnow? Anchovy? You need a "little" name since he's smaller than Small Fry. Can't wait to see more pictures of your adorable little guy.

Libby DeMoss said...

Just a thought on the name for "Elvis". How about the name of a fish found in Russia...maybe even his region. Here's one site. http://fish.mongabay.com/data/Russia.htm

Craig and Phyllis said...

I am no help with names. I can only think of Blue Fish because he was wearing blue in the pictures you posted yesterday, and that is in the Dr. Suess book. Then I think of Nemo, but I don't think you would want that. And then there is Jellyfish, because he looks so dog-gone cute and squishy! : ) Not that you want to go up and hug a jellyfish. And by the way, how is SmallFry a fish name? Is it one and I have absolutely no clue?!

Jeanette said...

How about Shark Bait??? (From Nemo) Just kidding!

Glad things are going well. I remember the feeling well of wanting to get home to my other kids and get a routine down with the new baby. Soon enough, you will be tucking all 4 of your boys in at night :)

Dede said...

I think you Guppy should be the new name!

Jody said...

De-lurking!! We are waiting on a court date right now and it is so fun to see that others are IN RUSSIA!!! Praying that your little guy will continue to have a good adjustment....
As far as the haircut....invest in a flowbee (not sure how it's spelled). My husband had one when we got married and it makes hair cuts a cinch!! I think they're around a hundred dollars. They attach to your sweeper.

Blessings to you as you find a new normal as a family of six.

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