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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unrealistic Expectations – stress vent

Warning: This is a stress vent.  If you would care not to read, please skip to the last paragraph that has my prayer requests.  :-)  For all others…..

Here’s the deal.  I have come to the sudden realization, that I pile on myself way too many unrealistic expectations.  Yes, I am just realizing this now.  It could be the fact that I leave in one day to fly over to Russia for court.  It could be that all outside school classes are ramping up for the semester, and I am recognizing our own time crunch over the next several weeks. Maybe it’s the fact that I fail to recognize how much time I need just to get ready to go?  I still planned tennis lessons, and Lego Robotics, but three activities are canceled for the evening.  Whatever it is I am stressed to the max, figuring out all the details.  I can not wait until we get can bring our munchkin home for absolute good, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Only a few more weeks. 

My friend in blogland Phyllis emailed me some encouragement last week.  I need to read it again.  Perhaps some of you are doing this (adopting) with other children at home.  I have 3 at home, that I am homeschooling and that are involved in a lot of outside activities for school, and extracurricular.  I am feeling the pressure.  Will Jabber Jaw be able to figure out his persuasive essay on a health topic?  Will we be able to be prepared and take the science test (another outside class) a week early before we head out of town for our final trip?  Will Tiger Shark be able to complete the big literature project due on Sherlock Holmes?  It will have to be handed in a week early and we have no idea what it is yet….?  What about the writing competition when we return home?  I will be very glad when winter break hits….

On top of that: Tiger Shark has broken out in poison ivy that is not getting better.  I took him to the drs. early last week to have it checked, and now it is spreading and getting worse.  So I need to take him back in and get some type of steroid cream to take this reaction down.  Jabber Jaw has a football game, and we will be in the air while it is going on.  I’m not sure why I worry about this, because really if he were hurt, I couldn’t do anything about it if we were on the ground in Russia, or if we were in the air.  But for some reason I am worried.  Thank the Lord Small Fry is doing well… that little guy is gonna love on his grandparents while we are away.

If you are inclined, please say a prayer for us.  Pray for my children and their grandparents at home, that they would be safe and that their time would be sweet together.  Please also pray for our court date.  Pray that this new judge would be fair, and that we would speak clearly and concisely and from our hearts.  I pray that this judge recognizes our 1st adoption and how well Small Fry is doing.  Pray also for safety while we travel, and while in country.  There are a million details that I am thinking about for the third trip, but I’m going to let that go for now and just focus on this trip.  Trip #2.

Thanks friends!




Jeanette said...

I can totally relate. I HATED leaving my boys at home and we had to make 4 trips! I worried about all the little stupid details even though I knew they were in good hands and had half of my neighborhood looking out for them. Your boys will be fine and the time will fly by for them with their busy schedules! Enjoy your trip!

Carolynn and Steve said...

Dearest friend,

I have been following for the past few weeks but haven't posted because (1) things here are crazy too and (2) I haven't known exactly what to say when I have had time.
Here's what I know for sure. I am and will be praying for you. God will work all of this out in ways that we can't even imagine. I know that it is easy to lose sight of that when you are in the middle of crazy circumstances and just too much--that's my problem, too. But it will all work out. I am so excited for you and for your family with the new little one, and you will get through all of this. ENJOY the trip and know that we are all here for you for whatever you need.
Much love and know that you're in my heart!

Troy and Rachel said...

Praying for you Jackie - in just a few weeks this will all be a memory and everything will have gone as planned. The important thing is to get your child home right now and I know you can do all else also! Your an awesome mom and I admire all that you do!!! Have a safe and wonderful trip!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Praying for you Jackie~!

Get that baby home and know the rest will fall into place!

You are a great mom and I admire how much you do!

Thinking of you!

Nekey said...

Hang in there friend! Praying for you.

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