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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A tad bit o’ stress….

Only 5 days until we leave for court.  I have so much to get done it is scary.  I am making lists and crossing things off and then making new lists etc. etc. etc….  Life has been a whirlwind, and I feel like I’m just getting “on” the ride called the Scrambler.

It hasn’t helped that The King Fish is out of town, and I am having to do most everything alone.  The boys can only help so much… ya know.  He arrives back in town late this evening, and my goal is to have most of our orphanage donations packed by then.  We’ll spend the weekend, cleaning the house in anticipation of my parents coming to watch the kids.  I need to get our packing lists together too.  We’ll have 12 short days in between trips and then we’ll get ready to do it all over again.  That’s the crazy part!  Right before Jabber Jaws birthday too, and Thanksgiving…. 

I am taking it day by day, accomplishing task by task… and trusting that God is completely in all the details.  I am trying to remember that, and stress less about all the little things. 

More later… I have to get my kids inside to eat dinner.



Becky and Keith said...

You can do it my dear... you can do it!!! It's time like this, under pressure, that we all work best. Chocolate is your best friend right now - remember that! :-) So, so excited for your court date and to hear more about the new little one! Virtual hugs! :-)

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