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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Invention – The Laundry Cart

Last week I realized that Small Fry is certainly old enough to participate in the chores at our house.  As a matter of fact he desires to do so.  He wants to help like his big brother when they unload the groceries, or when they sweep the floor.  I usually give him a small box to carry in from the groceries, or if it’s sweeping, he will Swiffer the floors for me.  I’m sure it helps to get some of the dust off the floors when he does this… and he feels like he’s participating, so that’s good.

But I knew he could do a little more and was ready for an assigned chore.  Jabber Jaw used to bring all the laundry downstairs, and I knew this would be perfect for Small Fry.  But our laundry piles are huge!  And it can be heavy for a little guy!  So I invented the laundry cart and it has made this particular chore so much more fun for Small Fry. Here are some photos:


Loading up the Laundry

September October Photos 128

Driving it to the drop off point. 

September October Photos 129


Empty Cart Afterward- Being Goofy!

September October Photos 126


Dede said...

Great way to get the laundry across the house! Our little guy pitches in for laundry too. He runs while he pushes the basket through the house (fortunately there is no carpet to slow him down). Isn't it great when they help out!

Susan said...

He is so VERY cute!!!!!! You are one BLESSED Mama with those 3 (soon to be 4) wonderful boys!!

Troy and Rachel said...

So sweet and what a great idea!! Daniel's favorite thing to do to help out is put away all the clean silverware from the dishwasher - he sorts them right in to the drawers for me - of course he plays with the straws in the drawer too, but hey - mix work with fun and they love it!

Nekey said...

He is such a cute helper! :)

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