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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update Court Documents

First, thank you all for the comments and prayers! I am grateful for all of you.

The documents have still not been located. I spoke to my agency rep and we worked out a back up plan just in case the documents were not found by the afternoon. I naturally had copies of everything I sent. (Thankfully!) So I began to make copies of the copies... because you didn't think I would be giving away my very last set of documents did you? So, I made copies and printed a new cover sheet that stated each was a true and accurate copy of the original.
I took Tiger Shark to his literature class and the rest of us popped over to The King Fish's office and we had them notarized. Then we hauled ourselves down to the county courthouse so we could have each one certified. (Another $45 bucks/ and yes that's $5 a document). We got a little gold seal attached to each document and 45 minutes later we were on our way to pick up Tiger Shark.

I was fully prepared to drive to Nashville tomorrow to have these things Apostilled but the manager of the FedEx from there called and has been in touch with the women at the State Dept building through out the day. I mentioned to the State Dept lady that I would probably see her tomorrow morning when they opened so I could make sure these documents got there. She must have mentioned it to the Fedex lady, because she said I could send them FedEx and they would take care of the charges. They would also take care of the charges to the documents next location. I told her I was a little hesitant to do that because I was worried that the documents would not get to their final destination this weekend. (Ie: Russia). I know I laughed nervously. I wasn't mean at all, just nervously honest. But she not only gave me her direct number and email, she gave me her personal cell number so I could call with the tracking numbers and she could make sure each got there okay. I called her at home this evening and she took down my numbers.

So my second set of copied docs are on their way. I am praying the first set is found, and when they are they too will be FedEx'd back to me at no charge. I was informed that it was the driver's fault and that he delivered my documents to the wrong floor. Unfortunately no one can seem to track the docs since then.
I knew I needed to get folks praying, and so I posted on here and Facebook. I was a little stressed in kind of a "what should I do way"....when I called our agency, but once talking to our rep, she calmly laid out a plan. And once I have a plan I go about setting it into motion. I am grateful that I was able to keep my testimony today. I'm not really sure that it was really me... but it must have been people praying because really I felt mostly calm and patient throughout the day. Waiting for phone calls back, waiting at the County Clerks office, waiting at FedEx. Each business or agency came to know that this was for our adoption and these documents were for court over in Russia. The FedEx rep whose driver was at fault apologized for the 15th time before we hung up this evening. I told her, "please. it is okay. these things happen. I think as long as our documents get there by Friday we will be okay." I told her I wish I could show her a picture of our little boy when we bring him home... and she said, "Let me give you my email address."

I think deep down most people really care. I hope they each know what a part they play in the life of our little son. No matter how big or small, without each one, I would not be one step closer. It reminds me of the police officer in another state who was so kind to allow me to have my fingerprints taken as an out of state individual. Had she not allowed that, I might still be waiting for a court date. Or the young man at the FBI who made sure those prints and my 3rd submission got looked at quickly and took the time to call me at home to give me the FedEx tracking numbers. Or the lady at the consignment sale who allowed me to go in and collect whatever I needed after the sale of the items being donated, so we could take some wonderful shoes and toys to Russia. Or even these two ladies in Nashville in separate businesses working together to help bring our son home. Each seems so small on their own, but without them we would be at a standstill. Each one will get a glimpse of who they helped bring home when this adoption is finalized.

I'm grateful for the little things tonight and for each person God has put in my path through this adoption. I'm grateful for each gift given to us through our adoption fund, and for each prayer that has been lifted up on our behalf. I wonder if this little guy will know how many people have helped to bring him home. He may never know... and that's okay... as long as he's home.

Many thanks friends. Keep praying that our documents do indeed arrive at their final destination.


Susan said...

(((Jackie))) Still praying!

Melissa said...

Fingers crossed here. Definitely know what you're going through. Hope they appear soon.

Craig and Phyllis said...

So glad to read that! After reading yesterday, the boys and I took a few minutes before reading Christopher Columbus to pray for your family, your little guy in Russia, FedEx, and your state offices! I had those same thoughts of if my actions were bringing glory to God or not. And last year, I had the boys with me as we went to the Sec. of State's office to get our post placement apostilled. Then to the UPS store where a woman who remembered helping me send out all our doc. before court got to meet the boys. They do seeme to appreciate being thanked for their part in our process. : ) And my boys were so surprised at all the work involved in getting those documents ready for Russia. I think it made an impression on them, too!

Still praying for everything.

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