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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back with Photos

I’m not sure why my computer refused  to boot for a day…. I tried it again on Monday morning and it booted fine, and has been fine ever since.  I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things with being back at home.  We’ve had some issues with Small Fry since we’ve been home.  We figured we would since we were gone for a week.  :-)I didn’t anticipate however that The King Fish would be gone for so long.  He’s been out of town all week and he’ll be gone next week as well.  Thank goodness next week is a short week!

I have not heard from our adoption agency since we’ve been home, so I guess they are trying to figure out this whole court date thing with a new judge.  I still have not received my FBI fingerprints, so that is still a prayer request.

I’m also not allowed to post any pictures of our soon to be little guy, so I’m not even going to post “teaser shots”.  Instead I’ll post photos of our last day in Moscow when The King Fish wanted to visit Gorky Park.  It was a three hour visit and trip back  to our hotel.  No way was I wearing heels for that!  The only comfortable shoes that I brought were flip flops.  So yes, this American totally walked around in flip flops all the way through downtown Moscow!  LOL!  I could care less, who was going to remember me?  (Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me wearing the flip flops, that have been scrubbed down to get the Moscow street filth off of them….)

So here are some photos of the day.

Gorky Park Entrance

Baby 4 3rd visit 073

Fountains in Gorky Park

Baby 4 3rd visit 075

The King Fish getting ready to ride the Swings

Baby 4 3rd visit 078


Scary looking Goofy and Mickey at Gorky Park

Baby 4 3rd visit 084      Baby 4 3rd visit 085


Some Space Shuttle ride The King Fish thought was cool… then he spotted the next ride…

Baby 4 3rd visit 091


 The King Fish is a coaster aficionado

Baby 4 3rd visit 096

And he’s a thrill seeker… but only when it comes to roller coaster

or maybe jumping out of planes… (82nd Airborne)

Baby 4 3rd visit 095


 Blurry photo of him getting ready to ride…

KF close up


Now he can say he rode a coaster in Moscow City, Russia

Baby 4 3rd visit 098

This one is actually him in the front left seat….

Baby 4 3rd visit 102

I beat an 8 year old Russian boy at Whack a Mole, but you don’t see any pictures of that do you???  It was my shining moment at Gorky Park!  (I gave that prize to the little boy I clobbered…. who says I’m not fair??)

Here’s a photo of me along the Moscow River…

Me Moscow River




 Christ Church Cathedral from across the river.

Misc Russia 004


Misc Russia 007

The King Fish in front of Christ Church Cathedral

Misc Russia 006

The King Fish in front of some statue at a park on our way back to the hotel…

Misc Russia 008


We stopped at Sbarros on the way back at Old Arabat street and ate an inexpensive dinner.  Then we headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit.  Our first night in town we went down to the Kremlin and to St. Basil’s but we forgot the camera.  I about twisted my ankle several time on those cobblestones down there.  I had to wear my comfy heels… Ha!  It seems I was made for wearing flip flops!  It’s a good thing I live in the south!

Wish I could show you photos of the the little munchkin!  No name for him yet… still trying to come to an agreement, and also find one that seems to fit him….  ;-)



Craig and Phyllis said...

You have a sweater on in that picture. That must mean that the heat wave has snapped. That is good for all those kids in those hot buildings! Your husband is so brave. I never would ride an amusement park ride in a foreign country!!! I was trying to see if there were other people on the rollercoaster with him!

How is it that you did not have to have a name for your son before you left? I wish we could have had more time to think that through! Still praying for your fingerprints.

Troy and Rachel said...

What fun!! I love roller coasters, so I'm jealous he got to ride on in Moscow!! You've got some great photos!

Lisa said...

Jackie- Two things. I read the Wack a Mole comment and cracked up. Didn't we always rock at that game?! Second- when you told me you walked for 3 hours- you didn't say it was in flip flops! Ouch!

Love you.

Barb said...

Yup - those disney characters looked pretty scary! Glad to see at least one photo with you in it!

Still praying for your fingerprints!

Tony and Dawn said...

Welcome back! I am just now getting caught up on some blogs that I just have not had time to read. Glad things went well on your visit! We were fingerprinted on Aug 6 but we have not received our clearance yet.

So happy for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

Russian history is so intriguing! And so hauntingly beautiful! I'll be praying that doors open swiftly for you - and that God places the perfect name on your hearts!

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