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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Those of you who know me know that I am a night owl….  I sit here at 2am with  The King Fish snoring next to me so I can catch up on emails and updates via various social media sights.  We met the little munchkin today.  He is precious!  So much smaller than I expected, and yet I don’t know why I’m surprised by that, typically little ones that come out of Russian orphanages are small for their age.  Let me start at the beginning of our day….

We started the day with a free continental breakfast at our hotel, and then gathered our documents to give to our driver and translator.  We drove to their equivalent of Children Services, run by their local government.  I remember two of these ladies from the last time I was in this building.  I wish so much that their wasn’t a language barrier between us.  I would love to have sat with them and explained how loved our Small Fry is, and how adjusted he has become.  I did get to show them pictures, but I would love to have shared a little about his life …. woman to woman, mother to mother.  But this darn language barrier prevents that easy flow of conversation.  I can only hope that they noticed in those photos a marked difference in his health and personality from the time we adopted him until now.

They showed us a photo of the newest referral and said, “Now you know he doesn't have blond hair like your others.”  We shook our heads and said we understand, and I explained that my hair was not as light as it seemed either…  :-)  They did laugh at that statement.  We were asked if we would like to officially go and meet this new little boy and naturally we said yes.  So we drove to the orphanage, but the doctor/director was not in yet, so we walked around the outside of the building taking in the little play areas and small play buildings as we strolled along.  The weather has been beautiful here, all the heat of the previous months has disappeared and it reminds me of the cool fall evenings we experienced in the north.  Oh I miss them!   Back to the orphanage, the building is not as well kept as Small Fry’s building was, but the atmosphere inside is much better we are told.  The director has a wonderful relationship with her caregivers and it shows in how happy they are and how they care for the children. 

We walked for about 20 minutes and then were allowed to go in and meet this little munchkin.  (Is that a fish name, because it really seems to be sticking with me).  Anyway…. he is so precious.  Not even a year old yet.  He favors my side of the family with a full head of thick dark hair and huge dark eyes.  (Perhaps not me and my sister, but definitely my mom’s family)   He had a little cold, so they wanted to keep him indoors.  He just wanted to be held the whole time, and I was glad to oblige.  You know you never outgrow the “mommy sway” and so this little man and I walked around that playroom for an hour just walking and swaying.  He liked chewing on a set of baby keys we brought and played with a soft book that had some textures and sound effects in it.  He did not care for our translator at all… oh well, it was a man and I don’t think he has any children.  Our translator turned on a little walker that had loud music and our little man started crying… the first tears we had seen from him the whole visit.

The Dr. from the American Medical Clinic came and evaluated him and he looks very good, with just a few delays and of course many of the usual Russian diagnoses.  We also showed him pictures of Small Fry and he immediately noticed something that is typical for children who have had rickets in the orphanages.  Flat feet.  (He got this from the way Small Fry held his shoulders). So he suggested we take him to an orthopedic doctor to consult about having special inserts in his shoes to correct the flat footedness while he is young.  We happen to know a very good, albeit somewhat arrogant OS, so we will consult with him.  It’s funny because I did notice that Small Fry’s feet were flat and I mentioned it to a friend just a few weeks ago.  She shared how her 9 year old son has flat feet and has to get these special shoes to correct it.  I’m glad I was semi-familiar with this condition, and the treatment and I’m so glad the Dr. mentioned it in Moscow.   I think that was actually more informative than the visit for our munchkin!  You can tell this Dr. really has a heart for these orphanage kids and wants to see them reach their full potential.   He would have talked to us for hours…. I like him even better the second time around.

After our visit The King Fish and I went back to the hotel and crashed again for a few hours.  (Which is why I am up now).  Then we changed and headed to dinner.  Nothing around our hotel is reasonably priced and we really didn’t feel like walking a half hour to get to Old Arabat street.  I have to say that I like the convenience of a hotel and the cleanliness.  Fresh towels and my bed made everyday has been wonderful… but the location of the apartments is also a good trade off.  If this wasn’t free because of all of our accumulated points, I would probably opt for an apartment.  But, who can turn down free?? 

We ate a a fancy schmancy restaurant where they carve your food for you.  i really didn’t want to go there, but it was the King Fish’s pick.  Here’s how I justified it, breakfast is free, and we don’t eat lunch, except for some trail mix or a Kbar for me, candy bar for the King Fish.  So I guess dinner is sort of worth it since it’s the only meal we are paying for.  But tomorrow will probably be pizza or McDonald’s as my frugal side is definitely freaking about the cost of these downtown restaurants!

We left the restaurant and walked back to the hotel in the rain.  (With an umbrella thankfully).  Then we Skyped the boys and my parents and they are still doing well.  I am so thankful for Skype, you have no idea!  Tomorrow is my parents date night by themselves, and I hope they rest, and recharge a little bit away from the kids.  I am so thankful for them too….  I don’t know how we could have traveled without them! 

So, that’s the update on our first day!  No pictures of the munchkin as Russian law will not allow that until the parents are officially declared and the 10 day wait is over.  I guess I could post photos of us, but we have taken none.  I know what boring people!  I feel like we have slept half the time we’ve been here!  Hopefully I’ll remember to  take photos tomorrow!  Maybe at dinner.  :-)

Also an update on our Adoption Fund!  we have raised almost $1700!  I know it’s far from the amount we need, but it’s a start.  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our fund, click HERE to donate via PayPal.  To avoid a processing fee from PayPal, you can send a check directly to the following address: 

Lifesong for Orphans

P.O. Box 40

Gridley, IL. 61744

Attn: Fisher #1444 Adoption

Every single dollar helps so much!!  Please pass this information along to anyone you feel has a heart for helping orphans.

Until tomorrow,

Paka (bye in Russian)


Susan said...

God is GOOD!! What a wonderful update!!

Craig and Phyllis said...

So very glad to hear that things are going so well. How absolutely precious your little munshkin sounds! Also, glad to hear that the oppressive heat has subsided.

Dede said...

Little Munchkin sounds adorable! I'm so glad to hear things are going well. Keep us posted!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you guys. It sounds like a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Love reading the updates. Sounds like everything is going well. We're praying for you all.

Lisa said...

Thank you for the update. It is so good to hear details! I feel like I'm with you. I'm glad the weather is good (answered prayer) and things are going well at home (another answered prayer).
God is so good!
I miss you and love you.

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Yea, what a wonderful update! He sounds just beautiful. (Yes, boys can be beautiful at least until middle school, LOL.) I didn't realise your Little Munchkin was so young. Lexi was only 10 months when we met and all she wanted to do was be held too.

You didn't mention if this was a problem with your newest little guy, but Lexi also had rickets pretty bad (odd shaped skull, high forehead, very little muscle tone, and tiny stature) when we met her, but our IA Doctor prescribed Vitamin D drops and we gave the Baby Home nurse enough for her entire group. We saw an amazing difference in her 4 months later on Trip 2. But now I am going to go look at her feet! Thanks for the head's up on that!

Barb said...

So happy for you guys! The little guy sounds amazing - what a wonderful time you must have had. Enjoy the meals out - you probably won't get so many once you're a family of 6!

Mamosa said...

I am so excited to hear an update, and I'm excited for your family!

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