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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Part One

Normally I write everything out in Windows LiveWriter and I love it, especially for placing photos. But I don't have time to make everything pretty. Sorry... but that's my life right now.

Last night I attended a homeschool event for new homeschool parents. I volunteered as a veteran, though I am loathe to call myself that because I am still learning so much as I go. But starting our 7th year of schooling this year, I guess I am a sort of veteran. I met so many moms last night. First I have to say I was really proud of myself because I am not by nature an extroverted person. I am where I feel comfortable, but in groups were I don't really know people I am not. But I think the thing that helped spur me to action was the fact that these ladies were probably more unsure and intimidated that I was. I have a heart that wants to encourage, and so during the social time I went up to as many ladies as I could asking them about there children, and what made them decide to homeschool, and finding out where they lived, so I could see how close they were in proximity to me. I loved having the time to encourage each woman one on one.

It's funny because like I said as long as i have been schooling I always learn something. Last night I met a woman whose husband is one of the coaches for a Christian football team that allows homeschoolers to play on it. I met another gal whose son plays on the middle school team. It's where our Jabber Jaw will be headed to play next year. It's a trek for us.... (about 45 minutes away everyday) but it's our only option in this area. I am so grateful that they allow homeschoolers to play, and I plan on calling the school to see if they allow that for any other sport. I am trying so much to be find a place for Tiger Shark to play tennis. (Not giving up either!) So, I'll be calling the school to find out if that is something they do. It would be pretty cool to have to take both boys there next year if they allowed it. If your wondering why we don't just send our kids there... well it's the cost. It's $15,000 a year! Plus the fact that we truly like to homeschool...

Now, speaking of football and Jabber Jaw I am on pins and needles as I wait to see if he will even be allowed to play in the rec league this year. He is having an issue with his heels and a growth spurt. It's called Severs Disease, and it's painful. He find out in minutes if he will be able to play or have to have a cast put on for a few months. The King Fish took him, and so I am here at home waiting, waiting, waiting. As if I don't have enough to wait on! If he has to be cast he will be SOooooo disappointed about missing this season. I will be heartbroken for him too. He really needs this as an outlet, and it will be his last year in rec league. So we wait.. well I wait and you wait with me. Did I mention I'm not a very good waiter?

On other fronts we are slowly cleaning up from our week of mad chaos around the house. Clothing bins are put away as clothes are getting switched around for seasons. All the outgrown clothes are put away for when Small Fry needs them... years from now I guess. ;-) I still have quite a mess on my hands here at the house. I was going to try to start school this week, but I will have to push it back a week until I can get more organized. We all work so much better when there is minimal clutter and we can focus... Anyone else like that?? I can tell you that not one room in my house is clutter free at the moment, so I better get crackin'.

I'll post later on the results of the doctor's appointment... and hopefully have an update on our fundraising projects.



Troy and Rachel said...

Busy, busy! Let us know about Jabber Jaws feet and heels. That sounds painful - but I sure hope he can play this season.

I agree with the less clutter, the better. I even have been paring down some collections lately because it's too much to dust!

Let us know about fundraising opportunities. Will you be making cards again? I loved those. Hoping to help out this time since we aren't in the process ourselves at the moment!

Looking forward to Life Part Two!

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