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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Latest Challenge

I have not been a very good frugal Mama at all lately. Coupons have been sitting uncut and many are waiting to be filed in my binder. But this week I was going through the freezer and pantry and I told the King Fish that I have set for myself a big challenge.

I plan on spending only $25 over the next two weeks on groceries. I'm going to use everything I have in the pantry and freezer. I'm even making up a recipe to help me stretch my chicken. The two week menu is on the fridge, so well see how I do. I'm putting $25 dollars in cash in an envelope and I can't wait to see if I have anything left.

Now let me just clarify that this is so NOT my regular grocery budget. It's like a small portion of my budget every week. It's just that we have a lot of food in our freezer and pantry and it's silly to keep buying more. We need to clean out! I'll let you know how I do after two weeks!


Flamingo said...

good for you! i get in frugal slumps. big time. i too have to clean out my freezers. i seriously should never say that i have to go for groceries, because i really should NEVER have to go for groceries because you could feed the world from my freezers..lol

great challenge! just remember, if you break your goal, it's OK!

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