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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joy in the Simple Things

bird at feeder
Who knew that I would find such joy from a few bird feeders hanging in the trees?  It started out as a Science Fair project, but has transformed into something I have come to enjoy. I love to look at the birds who come to feed, as I attempt to determine what type they are. 
I’m reminded of my grandmother on my dad’s side who has since passed away.  She loved to watch the birds.  As a teenager when I visited her out in California, I never understood or appreciated the way she would quietly sit in the kitchen and watch the birds.  Nor did I understand the enjoyment she would receive when those little friends would stop by her feeders to say “hello”.  She knew them well, and would talk about this one or that one who would stop by.  She would comment about them as though they had little personalities, like the greedy little bird who would chase away the others from the feeder. She loved the bluebirds and the cardinals, and everyone in between. Even the hummingbirds came to visit. 
I was a teenager then and into other more interesting and lively pursuits, like music on a “walkman” and just about anything else that didn’t require one to “sit and observe”.  I listened half heartedly and probably with half an ear, when she would tell me of this bird and that bird as they flew to her feeders. 
But I’m older now, and the simple beauty of birds at a bird feeder affects me.  I’m not sure why.
Maybe it’s because I’m no longer a teenager, and life isn’t all about me anymore.  Or maybe its’ because I’ve grown older and I recognize how fleeting time is.  Whatever the reason, it's such a simple pleasure.  To sit in stillness and marvel at God’s craftsmanship. 
I wonder if she is looking down and smiling. 
I understand now Grandma, I understand.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
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Melissa said...

My grandmother, Mamie, used to love watching the birds. I think every tree had a birdhouse or bird feeder. Now I also enjoy just sitting and watching them. It is relaxing and peaceful and a way to remember my time with Mamie.

Michelle DeRusha said...

Yes! I am with you on the birds. We hung a feeder this year, too -- and it's been amazing to discover all the wonderful birds that visit with my two boys. I wrote about birds today for Tuesdays Unwrapped too!

Anonymous said...

My mom and step-dad used to love to watch birds. My mom still does, I'm sure, but now watching them always reminds me of my step-dad. Toward the end of his battle with cancer, I'd often call to talk to him and he'd be sitting out on the deck watching the birds. I love to watch them, too.

Unknown said...

AHHH! I need to refill my birdfeeder!!!

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