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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ta Da!!!

I guess I am finally ready to show off a little of the work I have been doing behind the scenes here at The Fabulous Fishbowl.   I have been quite literally obsessed with this project but in a good way!  Meaning I still managed to school my kids and get home cooked meals on the table.  I even managed to keep my house clean for a Bible study that meets here once a week.  No small feat let me tell you!  (Okay, Tiger Shark has been a big help in this area too!)  The King Fish has been so gracious and helpful to me in taking care of the kids on the weekend so I could finish this up!  He managed to do that and many of the much needed things on my “Things To Do at Home List”.  Even though he probably won’t read this… “Thank you honey!” 
There are a few areas on the new navigation bar that are still “Under Construction”.  
Mom Moments will be a place to find all posts about the moments we have as moms.  Good moments, ugly moments, funny moments, and poignant ones as well.  I  hope it will be a place where moms can be refreshed. 
DIY Design will be just like it says.  Some of our remodeling projects, both big and small.  A few ideas might come from something cool I have seen on another site.  I’ll be showing photos of our finished projects and linking back to those sites.  Some posts will just be inspirational photos that I come across to get my creativity flowing and my mind dreaming of future design projects. 
Finally Healthy Me. <sigh> This one I thought long and hard about.  The name says it all…. and I’ll wait to unwrap that package.  :-) 
I have to say I have truly enjoyed designing this!   (Even though some parts are still under construction). 
So take your time and look around.  I hope you like it!
Mama Fish


Becky and Keith said...

I LOVE IT!! I'm so proud of you for you!!! I read your Photoshop #@$#@% from my phone during a meeting and almost laughed out loud because I know just how you feel! I told Keith that the only thing I want for my bday is a photoshop class. You have done a great job and I cannot wait to follow along all of your new things. Especially the DIY because we're big DIY'er (at least we were pre-Andrew when we had time!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job! It looks fabulous!

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Wow!!! Very professional!!!

Now. please come fix mine. ;0) It is seriously suffering from neglect.

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