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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I just have to share….

I went to our huge local consignment sale today.  This is how I shop for my boys.  It is a huge savings!
For my two oldest boys (Tiger Shark and Jabber  Jaw) I spent $134 for BOTH of them together. 
Here is what I was able to get:
13 pair of shorts
1 pr of Levi’s jeans
4 swim trunks
19 shirts
Cost per piece of clothing average…. about $3.62
Is that amazing or what??
Here is what I spent on Small Fry - $69
For $69 I bought the following:
3 pair of shortalls
3 pair of shorts
2 pair of jeans
1 pair of swim trunks
10 shirts
4 pair of Gap PJ’s
Average cost per item was right at $3.00.
I absolutely detest shopping.  (Not even Marshalls or Ross)  I just don’t like to shop.  So this sale is very convenient.  I can shop for all their fall winter needs during the back to school sale too.  All the clothes are gently used and there are a ton of brand names.  I bought many Old Navy, Gap, Levi’s and Arizona Jean items today.  It is awesome!  If you have a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale close to where you live you should check it out.  Especially those who are soon to be new moms.  The infant sections is HUGE.  Not just for clothing, but cribs, pack ‘n plays, baby carriers, strollers, toys and anything you could think of that a baby would need.  It’s crazy!  You definitely have to check it out. 
Which leads me to another thing:  If you have clothing and baby stuff to sell, this is a great place to do so!  It always helps me offset the cost of my new season purchases when I sell my gently used clothing. 
Here are a few photos of how huge this event is in our area.  These pictures can’t even begin to capture how big it is.  Those rows of clothes are only 18 months - 2T.  There were 4 more rows of all the other sizes!  And the infant area…. just a small snapshot.  Believe me when I say there is way more stuff
Here’s a link to the main website, so maybe you can locate a consignment sale in your area.  Just Between Friends
Have Fun!!
boys area
girls area
infant area


Flamingo said...

ok...one thing we don't have in common...i LOVE to shop. especially thrift shop. i never have seen such a large consignment store. i think i would pass out from jubiliation if i could go there.

Troy and Rachel said...

I detest shopping especially in places like TJ Maxx! I love yard saling though! I picked up a winter coat (Gap) for 2 bucks for Daniel next year this past Saturday! I couldn't believe it.

I haven't tried a big shop like the one you went to, although they hold them around here. It's almost too overwhelming for me! I would buy everything! I get frustrated looking through so much though!

You got some great deals!! And you can't beat those prices!!

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