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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garage “Before” Photos

I can’t believe I’m going to post this…. but it’s the reality of our garage.  Now you know why I want The King Fish to organize and build a workbench! 
I know not “everything” is going to fit on or under the workbench.  But I would like to see at least two of the large black metal shelves go away.  Or even if they have to stay… which I hope they do not, I’d like to have everything neat and in bins or something.  The King Fish says it can’t be done.  I say…. “watch me”.
Garage workbench 004
 This stuff just really needs to be put away.  And some of it needs to be sold at a yard sale.
Garage workbench 005

This is everything piled on and around our air hockey table.  It’s crazy!  That pub table was given to us to sell at our yard sale to raise money to bring Small Fry home.  It didn’t sell.  It now stores more tools.  Anytime a tool needs to go back into the garage, it gets put on that table to be filed away later.  Only later doesn’t usually happen.  I will be glad when all The King Fish’s tools have a new home.
Garage workbench 006

This is the cleared space for the new workbench.  I didn’t get a picture of it… but the space was filled with wood.  Building materials that The King Fish saved to use one day.  Because you never know when you will need some building materials.  He saves everything.  Once he took apart shelves that the previous owner built, and he saved the wood.  Which actually came in handy because we will build our coat wall rack from that wood.  I don’t mind his saving materials, because we have both always been about re-using and finding a new purpose for an old “something”.  That “something” could be an old table, wardrobe or even building materials.
Garage workbench 001

The King Fish measuring and leveling his line on the wall where the top of the workbench will go.
Garage workbench 003
The King Fish working on measuring wood to cut with his table saw.  A present from me ages ago.  Speaking of table saw…. I wonder where that will go???  Good grief.   
Garage workbench 009
Here is the workbench almost framed out.  He’ll hopefully finish it off next weekend when it is raining.  I can’t wait!  I’ll post some more photos of the construction in progress!
Garage workbench 007


Mamosa said...

My garage is worse than yours! And we have TWO garages that contain a disorganized mess. I just went out and bought a four tier plastic shelf to go at the garage door entrance, where everyone can take off their shoes and PUT THEM ON THE SHELF. I bought lightweight plastic on purpose because I can periodically take it outside and hose it down. We intentioned to have a yard sale last summer and started collecting piles of things to sell...and then Joe's accident happened. We WILL have a yard sale the second week of April, and its organization is in progress. Once again, I will own my garage and laundry room!

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