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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh My Word!!!

I am freaking out right about now. This morning at 7:30 I was awakened to my oldest son coming into my room saying "Oh my word, we have a mouse in the house!" What???? I looked at him to see if he was kidding and he looked dead serious. He said, "Mom it just crawled out of my closet, and went back in."

Oh no.

I go into the boys room and sit on the bed. Small Fry is with me and Jabber Jaw is on his bed. We are all staring intently at the closet door. Waiting. I look away to talk to Jabber Jaw for a minute, and Tiger Shark yells.... there it is!! There it is!!! It's going out the door!" I look and out of the corner of my eye I see a big fat thing shuffle out the boys bedroom door. (I am now officially freaked out!) I jump on the bed and tell anyone (except Small Fry) to see if it's in the hallway. No one wants to check. So, I get up and tiptoe to the hall. It went in the direction of the playroom. (So not thrilled about that!)

No mouse. So, I call the King Fish, who you will remember is out of town and has been almost all week. Wahhh!!! He tells me to call an exterminator immediately. So I call a pest and wildlife control service. They were here with in 15 minutes! 15 minutes!!! Thank you Lord!! They happened to be at Lowes picking up supplies for a job when the secretary called them and they could come over. Have I said Thank you Lord?? Thank you!

The owner and 2 young men who work for him came in around 8:10am and I led them to the area that I saw the "thing". They did a search of our attic and found an open socket in the boys closet where the critter could get in. Oh my word!!! Can you hear me freakin' out???

They checked the crawl space under the house too. Here is what we found out. Squirrels are in our attic. And in I think something else too... as the "critter" Tiger Shark saw had a naked tail. Just saying that and picturing that makes me all icked out.... "naked tail". We also have a raccoon under the house. Oh my word!! Please make it stop..... The cost to get rid of all critters and do a whole house seal is expensive, but I don't care... it is happening!

So, they sealed up the two open spaces to the interior with steel wool, until the King Fish comes home and he can seal them with covers. They told me if we see the steel wool popped out that is for sure the way they are getting in. Uh.... I am so not checking that!! Do you hear me pest guys? Not happening.

I called my sister this morning because I knew she would just be a shoulder to lean on, and empathize. Thank you Lisa! I told her about the older gentleman who owned the company and how he was definitely from the south. He had a camouflage hat on and on the front it had the words. "Git er done" My sister cracked up and said, "well the one time you want a guy to have Git er done on a hat is now!" LOL!! She's right you know....

So, here I sit at 9:30am. No one is going upstairs for anything. I'm thankful that I am behind on my laundry once again, so I can just stay downstairs and wash everything, and everyone will have clean clothes without going upstairs.

Be blessed!


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

You need to get a west-highland terrier for Christmas...there will be no more rodents in your home...trust me!

We had a mouse one time and she took care of it for us...and then coughed it up outside...TMI. Sorry. All taken care of. They are rodent and small animal hunters and the best dog you could ask for...very sweet with children and snugglers.

Some people don't want a dog in their house...but I would much rather have my westie than a rat, squirrel or anything else creepy for that matter.

Check you paper...looks like a puppy for Christmas? ;)

So sorry you are having to deal with this.


Mama Fish said...

Aw Kristine- I wish.. that is such a cute dog... just the breed I would want! The King Fish will have none of those little dogs though. No dog for us this Christmas, but a big ol' exterminator bill will be our present.... Blah.

Lisa said...

But a dog would be cheaper! Maybe you could just borrow one :)
I'm sorry, but I'm just laughing as I read this. I think it's because I can SO relate to you that I'm laughing. I'm so sorry. You will look back and laugh, though. Just re-read this post in a few weeks. Did you decide if you're spending the night elsewhere?

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Maybe Santa could bring one and then he can't say anything about it? ha.

The Valentine Cupid dropped ours off. Hubby was a little upset, but got over it quickly. I am so naughty.

Mama Fish said...

Kristine!! LOL!! Oh how I would love to so that! I am the one who will have to care for a dog anyway right??? Besides... I highly doubt once the dog is here the kids will want to let it go. Not this year for sure... but something to think about in the future. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Want me to bring my snakes over? They'd be happy to help with your rodent problem. LOL

Carolynn and Steve said...

Oh, Jackie, I have the "creepies" just reading this. And, I had to laugh, too---especially about the exterminator and his "get 'er done" cap.

I'm with Kristine---get the dog. We have cats--they're good at tracking stuff like this down and at least keeping it out of the house. There may be lots of cat hair everywhere, but NO rats.

Mama Fish said...

How about a possum? Those dogs and cats good at tracking those? Just wondering....

Nekey said...

Ack! I would be freaking out too. You had me cracking up at "Git er done". LOL

Troy and Rachel said...

I would have so freaked out too!! Hopefully they won't be returning!

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