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Monday, December 7, 2009

Lego Photos

Here are a few photos of the FLL State Competition.

Our awesome presentation board of the kids flyer and power point slides.

The competition floor before the event began.

Our robot.

Our first run we didn't do very well.....

Our third and final run was much better....
Tiger Shark and Jabber Jaw receive their medals.


Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

That is sooooo cool! You must be very proud of your boys. I hope they had fun and learned a lot too. Way to go!

We have never joined an official Jr. Lego League, but we get the kit each year and have our own little family league. Our guys LOVE it, but I haven't been able to find a competition league near us. How DO you find the time?

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

P.S. I sure wish you all lived closer! We have so much in common and I just know our kids would be great friends too. Let me know if you ever consider moving to the middle of our great state!

Troy and Rachel said...

That's awesome! Daniel would have been in awe - he's really getting into legos lately!

Congrats to the boys!

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