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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Trot

For the past three years my mom, dad and sister and her whole family have come down south to visit for Thanksgiving. It is always so good to have them down! I'm getting better with each year on letting go of my compulsive need to have my house immaculate before the guests arrive. Truly when everyone gets here it's chaos anyway, and our focus is on cooking, family and making memories... (not necessarily in that order).

This year we had our littlest guy here to celebrate! Last year we had just met him in Russia a week before Thanksgiving. We are so thankful that he is in our family! He got to celebrate with all his cousins too.... here is one of our traditions.

Each Thanksgiving morning our two families get up early and head to the annual Turkey Trot in our town. This year we were there by 8am so that Jabber Jaw and The King Fish could run the 1 mile fun run, and my niece Rachel could run the Kiddie K. (She won it too!) My dad joined us this year, and walked the 3 mile walk with Small Fry and I. Uncle Kevin, and his daughters Bailee and Anna ran the 3 mile run with our Tiger Shark. My sister Lisa ran the 5 mile. The 5 mile must be frequented by many in the local runner's club, because a LOT of people run it! There are always door prizes afterward and it seems we always win one. Last year two frozen turkeys, and this year a frozen turkey as well! Maybe with this one I might try to fry a turkey. My mom always bakes the turkey in the oven, but so many people down here have told of how good turkey cooked in a fryer is... that I want to try it. Anyway.... here are some photos of our turkey trot time!


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