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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sugar and Spice Award

Barb- Over at Holm Sweet Home tagged me for the "Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award." What does that mean??? Heck, I'm not sure... but it's an award and that I haven't received in a very long time! Thanks Barb! Barb is from Canada originally and is now in Finland. (There's a real northern gal for ya... I love it!) Anyway, this award sounds like it comes from the south doesn't it? I have never heard the term Sugar Doll before..... I think it's a southern saying. Anyway.... I'm assuming it means one sweet blogger... me?? Maybe.... but don't ask my family!

With this new award, I am to list 10 random things about myself: Uh and some of them are definitely not to sweet..... Also unlike most people who list one sentence random things... ummm, that's not me either. No, I tend to be verbose in my writing....so bear with me.

1. I am addicted to potatoes and salt. Mainly french fries and potato chips. It is not good for my cholesterol, as my doctor just informed me upon reviewing my latest blood work. The King Fish and I joke because when my boys were little if Mommy (that's me) chose to share a fry with one of them.... I was "growing in my ability to share". According to my doctor these are not a part of her low fat diet to help me shed weight and reduce my cholesterol. She informed me of this new plan on Monday, and I am taking the weekend to lovingly say goodbye to my best food friends.

2. I have an Ipod and I hardly ever listen to it. Sad but true. When can I find time in my day to listen to that thing?? Between schooling my kids and needing to keep an ear (and an eye) out for our Small Fry and any mischief he might get himself into... I'm just not able.

3. Okay, even sadder than the Ipod, we own many pieces of exercise equipment, and they are unused. So not good! Treadmill, gazelle, recumbent bike, weight bench and free weights, this stability ball that sits in my closet... and countless exercise videos. Sad, sad sad...... I really need to make the time to use those... actually we all need to do that!

4. Here are a bunch of shows I love.... I am not really a reality TV girl, and we only get like 12 channels, so my choices are limited. My current favorite show is The Good Wife. I seriously look forward to it every Tuesday. It goes by too quickly though, and I wish I had a whole season of it to watch when I pleased. The King Fish and I also like The Mentalist. One of my favorite series on DVD that dh and I love is Alias with Jennifer Garner. I think we need to have an Alias month so we can re-watch each season again. They would make fabulous date nights for us. (Are we boring or what?)

5. I hail from the north. Yes, I am a northern girl at heart. Adjusting to the south has been well.... an adjustment. Though I have to say going back to visit up north, I forgot what that was like as well. I guess you could say that now I am a happy mix of the two. You'll find my northern side coming out when I drive my car. But like a good southerner, I refrain from honking my car horn at people for being idiotically slow, or my personal favorite for stopping at a yield sign in a circle when there is no on on the road! No if I must use my horn it is to warn of danger or an impending accident.... but oh if you were inside the car with me! My three year old will yell.... "Come on!", out of the blue while we are driving and I know it's because he has heard me yell it one too many times.

6. I starred (and I use that term loosely) in the high school musical my senior year. Princess Winifred in Once Upon a Mattress. My best friend from high school was Queen Agravaine.... and she sent me the production on DVD. Yes, our production. Do you know how in your mind you remember being all great and talented? Well, this video was not how I remembered it. Apparently my four nieces get a kick out of watching their Aunt sing and perform. They think I'm awesome! (They haven't figured that out yet though.... their still young). ;-)

7. I played Field Hockey in high school and college. Yep, that's right field hockey. That sport with a stick and shin guards and mouth guards. The one that looks quite dangerous? Uh-huh.... that's correct! I loved it, and let's just say my junior year our team won the State Championship. Uh-huh... just a little braggin'......

8. I hate the outdoors. Really I just detest it. I cannot relate to friends who want to go camping. Ick. I really don't like the heat down south and that keeps me indoors all the more. When I was little I remember always pretending to play house. I would find a boulder in the woods at camp with moss growing around it and pretend it was my bed in my house. Really I was a great pretender. Back then I never really noticed the bugs... but now I would notice all the bugs, spiders, etc. that crawl out to greet me. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

9. One regret that I have is never learning Spanish fluently. I was sooo close, and really even 3 months visiting a Spanish speaking country would have put me there. I guess you can never say never.... maybe when I am old grandma I will be traveling on missions trips and I will speak that language. God knows my heart, so it wouldn't surprise me....

10. Finally, I hate to shop... period. I just can't stand it. Well, unless it's maybe something for something like house furniture, or a new kitchen... but that isn't happening anytime soon.

That's it..... More than you ever wanted to know about me! In return I am to list 10 bloggers for this award. I can certainly do that, and tell you a bit why I like them. I hope you enjoy stopping by and meeting some great people out in the blogging world.

1. Kim at The Littlest Tsarina - I love Kim and her family of five! Her boys are awesome and her beautiful daughter adopted from Russia is just precious! Don't believe me? Go look for yourself. She just looks absolutely adorable and full of spunk!

2. Rachel at Journey with the Williams Family- Rachel is one of my most faithful commentors and I love her for that! (Thanks Rachel!) She also adopted her precious son Daniel from Russia probably a year before we did. We are currently navigating the potty training stage together.

3. Nekey- at The Home on a Hill- Nekey is an IRL friend and she is also a faithful commentor. Sometimes I wonder if anyone at all still reads this blog of mine, and then I'll get a comment from Nekey or Rachel. :-) Nekey also homeschools her children and I love reading about her week. She gets so much accomplished! I was informed by Jabber Jaw that her youngest daughter is Small Fry's new girlfriend. He just talked her ear off at a recent get together. True no one really could understand what he was saying.. but he was having a mighty good conversation.

4. Carolynn at Finding Malibu. I came to know Carolynn through our blogs, but also because she used to be with the same adoption agency we were with. We have shared emails back and forth about this process. She and her husband are waiting for the call to go back to court to adopt their precious baby girl in Russia. I hope they hear soon!

5. Kristine- at I Love You More Than Peanut Butter. I met Kristine the same way as Carolynn. She emailed me about our switch from our former agency. (International adoption is a small world). I love Kristine's blog!

6. Barb at Holm Sweet Home- I'm sending this back to her... even though she already has this award. I want everyone to check out her blog. Barb adopted a sweet girl from Russia. This is a family I admire so much as they chose to adopt an older child. (Older children in adoption are adopted much less, and there future once they leave the orphanage system is bleak). Barb and her family have made a life changing impact on this little girl!

7. Flamingo Mama at 1 Crazy Journey! I love her!! I love how real she is.... I love how she shares her heart. She writes with a sense of humor and makes me laugh! I used to live in her city, but I wasn't blogging back then. We actually attended her church for awhile....I wish I had met her when we lived there.

8. Eye on the Prize- This is another IRL friend who homeschools. She has been through a particularly trying period with many trials in her life, she shares her feelings and keeps it real, while relying on God's grace.

9. American Girls in Moscow. You just have to check out this blog. This mom writes so well and it's such an interesting peek into this family's life living in Moscow, Russia for the past four years.

10. The Denoves- This is a blog I totally stalk. (Okay stalk is a strong word- I promise I am so not a stalker.) But it's in my google reader. I came across this blog because we have a mutual friend. I love Heather's heart and humor as she walks by faith through her busy life with her husband.


Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Aw thanks! Now I feel inspired to update my blog, especially if people are going to be clicking over there soon. (Why do I have that feeling like when you just find out company in coming over and you need to do a "dash and stash" house cleaning?) Anyway, I have about 5 unfinished posts that just need a couple of photos and for me to hit the publish tab. Thanks for the extra motivation!

P.S. I haven't listened to my IPOD since June. Seriously, what mom has time for such things? I hope you guys are having a great school year. I love reading about all your boys are doing!

Barb said...

You are too cute, Jackie!! I hate the outdoors, too . . . love lookin' at it from a balcony, but can do without the spiders, ticks, etc . . . I seriously don't understand people who would want to go live in a tent for days . . .

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