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Friday, November 6, 2009

Diapers, potty and carrots

I have to share this funny story of mine. Last week was an incredibly busy week at our house. The boys had a major exhibit for Around the World Day on Russia. It was awesome and they both did a great job sharing about all they saw and learned while in Russia. It was a lot of work though for all of us!! Then we had a big science test at their school on Monday and also a Master Art project due. Two huge things that we worked so hard on all weekend. (I have pictures of the master art work, though I don't think the photos do the pieces justice). Anyway, throw into that football that was scheduled for Saturday and played on Sunday... and well it was crazy! Monday I had to run down to the bank with Small Fry to check the safe deposit box to see about a car title. I first had to drop both kids off at co-op with their art canvases, backpacks, lunch etc. Crazy morning! I drop them off and head downtown to the bank.

I'm in the bank, waiting for the lady to pull our key, while Small Fry plays contently with his cars. He was standing by a couch and driving his cars on the seat of the couch, just like he does at home. The nice lady pulls the key and I tell Small Fry it's time to go in the other room. When he turns around the entire front of his jeans are wet.

I look at him stunned, and say... "What happened?"

He looks at me (like it's so obvious) and says... "I wet."

I again look incredulous and ask the obvious again... "Honey, I know your wet, but how did that happen?"

Small Fry looks at me like "duh" and answers: "I pee."

The nice lady behind me goes "Awwww...", totally in sympathy with him.

I turned around and said, "He's in diapers.". Then she too gets the quizzical look on her face, that reads "Huh??"

So I ask Small Fry to come here so I can check his diaper, perhaps it shifted, or he's pulled it down. Nope. Neither.

No diaper. As in N-o-n-e!

How in the world I did that, I have no idea! But somehow in rushing to get out of the house I changed my little guy and pulled on his pants without putting the diaper on! I still can't believe I did it!

So, last evening (four days later) I decided at 5pm that I was going to potty train my son. I quickly got out the underwear, and we had a quick drill in going on the potty. He actually did it too, so small victory. I rushed around the house grabbing the little portable potty and trying to figure out how to set it up. Had Tiger Shark grab 1 pair of undies, and I grabbed a pair of overalls. Then we headed out the door, 40 minutes later. Yes, crash course in potty training... heading to the ball fields with only one change of clothes! What was I thinking??? I wrote on Facebook it was either a brilliant move or I was clearly delusional! Most of my friends wrote delusional! Haha!

He did okay, he actually went #1 in that little portable thing. We were in the car just warming up before our next walk around the whole park, and when we went to get out... guess what? Wet pants. Oh well, I explained that if he feels like he has to go potty to say, "Mommy potty" and I will get him there. He made it through the next hour dry. Yay! We've had a few accidents this morning, but he's doing okay. I know it will take awhile, but he's been interested for a month now, so I think it's time before I miss my window of opportunity. I just paid $37 for a big box of Pampers at Sam's club, so hopefully I won't have to buy another box or if I do, maybe just for bedtime. I'd love to be saving money on diapers. :-)

Another cute Small fry story: This morning I was getting a pot roast together in the crock pot for tonight's dinner. I was peeling the carrots. Now, Small Fry loves carrots, but he needed to eat his cereal and banana. I didn't want to start a meltdown over a carrot. So, he looks at me and says..."Mom, what's that?"

I tried to skirt the issue, so this is what I said... "Umm... it's a cooking vegetable that mommy is getting ready to cook for dinner later."

Small Fry paused a minute to think about that, then looked at me and said.... "Nooooo, Mom. It's a carrot."

LOL! He's too smart for his britches, even if they have Lightning McQueen on them now.


Melissa said...

Very cute stories. He sounds so much like Colby, WAY too smart for their own good. We are potty training here too but it is taking awhile. Still having 1-3 accidents a week but I'm not brave enough to try having him wear undies when we go out. Pretty soon we'll just have to go for it.

Becky and Keith said...

So, I was reading your blog while walking through Atlanta from one work building to another and I busted out laughing at your bank story! :-) I think we've ALL had moments like this. Can't wait to see pics of the boys projects - they sound awesome!

Troy and Rachel said...

No diaper -- that's great!! Maybe he secretly took it off! It's great that he knew he wet though and a sure sign you are on your way!! I wish you luck!! You know our struggles, which I'll be posting about soon - an update.

Love the 'cooking vegetable' try there! These kids are too darn smart!

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