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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Hair Night

Our Awana program at church has certain themed nights for the kids. This past Sunday was bad Hair Night. Three years ago was our first experience with bad hair night and how over the top the kids go. Very creative stuff. Here are my kids creations this year. About an hour before they left for church they came up with these designs and quickly put it together with The King Fish. I think they did pretty darn good!
Chips and Salsa anyone??? Tiger Shark won first place in the "Most Edible Category"

Jabber Jaw created this design in honor of football season. I think he would have won for the "Sports Category", but they didn't have that one this year. He was bummed, but took it in stride.

How's this for some bad hair?? Crazy hair! Guess what, it's way longer now and so hard to keep from getting matted. I condition it every bath time, but syrup or anything sticky he gets in it just kills me! So.... we're getting it c-u-t! Sob! I'm gonna miss the pretty curls, but too many people have said "What a beautiful girl you have". I'll be saving a lock of curls to keep though! I'll be sure to post photos of his first haircut experience... and before and after.
To find more Wordful Wednesday photos visit Angie at 7clowncircus.


Liz Mays said...

I guess when you get to the girl remark stage, it's time. *sigh*

Marie said...

Love the wild and crazy hair -- I would have never thought of the chips and salsa idea :-)

Troy and Rachel said...

Love bad hair day!! Love the chips and salsa - would never have thought of that!!

Daniel's hair does the same thing and it grows sooo fast! I combed mats out of his hair yet again this morning. Troy begs me to let him shave it, but I just can't go that far yet!!! Remember - his curls can grow back at any time!!!

Carey and Norman said...

Those are hilarious! The chips and salsa are too cute! Very creative I must say!!

Nekey said...

Those are great!!!

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