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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waltzing in Tennessee

Before I start gushing about one of my favorite shows and one of my new favorite songs, I wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on my blog in the last few days. There were many new faces popping by checking out our homeschool curriculum, and also some photos that I posted. Thank you for all the kind comments! They always seem to brighten my day.... :-)

Having said that.... I have to share this.... even if you don't agree with me.

This show r-o-c-k-s!

Okay, it doesn't really rock, because it's a country show... I can't say "This show countries" now can I???

But I have to say, I'm addicted... yes I said it... I am addicted to this show!

Some of you who have been around for awhile might remember me gushing about
last season's show and the finale. Holy crud could they sing!

However, this year,
we don't have cable TV. Well, technically we have 12 channels, which really doesn't even count as cable TV. Yes, I said 12 channels.... Football season is gonna stink. (I had a better word there but this is a family blog, so you can just imagine it).

Anyway.... because we only get very very limited cable, I have had to resort to watching Can You Duet online at CMT.com. That is a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it's online and I can at least see this show! I am thanking the Lord for the wonderful invention of the internet!

However, it's also a bad thing to see this online, because every episode is online. That meant I could stay up until the wee hours of the morning catching up on what I missed. And believe me it was awesome! (Until all my kids woke up in the morning, and I realized I wasn't 20 anymore and I had responsibilities.) :-)

The finale of this awesome show is on this weekend. And I won't be able to see it until they upload it on the website! I guess I'll be staying away from all things country for a few days so the surprise is not spoiled..... Ugh! It's times like these that I wish we still had extended cable.

Anyway, this was one of my favorite songs from Episode 3. I could just sit and listen to it over and over. I know the original version, but this rendition is so soothing to me for some reason. I was singing it in the car today and I told my kids, "Guys, if mommy is ever stressed out or we're running late, just play this song... it will calm me right down." lol!

And speaking of those kids, I was teaching the older boys how to dance to this song. They were sooo funny! We all just cracked up as they tried to lead me around the homeschool room..... completely left footed! The King Fish and I used to country line dance when we were dating, which included the waltz and two step as well as the swing etc. I told the boys they had better ask their daddy for a lesson!

Anyway, here is a video clip of the song. I just love this rendition and arrangement.... it is so cool!


Melissa said...

They are good. I haven't caught that show although I love country. Tennessee Waltz is an old song that Patsy Kline sang. It is really pretty. My Poppy loved to dance to it.

Troy and Rachel said...

I've seen the show a couple of times and they do have some great singers! Glad you are able to check it out on-line!

Claremont First Ward said...

I think I live under a rock. I've never even heard of this.

I've been laughing at your bird story. My kids were all freaked out about the bird, and it kept flying into my windows. The ones right next to the OPEN doors. :)

Allison said...

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Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

I didn't know that song. Nor had I heard of that program. So cute. I can see why you are addicted. I need to download that now from iTunes. I think the kids would enjoy it. There is another You Tube of Nora Jones and Bonnie Rait doing Tenessee waltz together that was also really nice.

Nekey said...

Love it! I have never heard of the show either.

Adelia said...

I was blog hopping around home school blogs and popped in here. Oh my goodness, we're kindred spirits in so many ways. I too love Can You Duet! What a great treat to stumble upon your fishbowl!!

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