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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Fry's Room...

I realized that I don't think I ever posted a photo of Small Fry's room. I'm not sure why... maybe because it's not really finished.

I needed to find a place for a ton of Small Fry's books. The books shelves in our homeschool room needed to be cleared and space had to be made for our current year's selections. That meant that a lot of Small Fry's books had to go elsewhere. Recognizing my dilemma, the King Fish fixed up an old bookcase that he had in the garage. It wasn't really a bookcase, more like some shelves that he used to store cans of paint. He brought it upstairs so I could see it in Small Fry's room. Lo and behold it actually fit right under the window.


My handyman husband just added a back piece of wood to the shelves and painted it white. Voila! Instant bookcase/storage!

Here are some photos of the room:

Doesn't that bookcase look good? I am sooo pleased with how it turned out.

And here's a close up of The King Fish's handy work.

Here is a photo of the changing table a friend gave to us when Small Fry came home from Russia. It completely matched both the chair (which I had from when Tiger Shark was a baby) and the crib.

This crib I bought for my sister 4 years ago at a yard sale up north for $20. I told her to sell it when she was done with it, but she didn't listen to me. I'm so glad she didn't! All the bedding I saved from when Tiger Shark was a baby. Yes, it's 11 years old! Oh and above the crib is where I want to put a Scripture verse. Not sure what yet... any suggestions?

This is the only thing on the huge wall by Small Fry's crib. It's a picture one of my older boys drew. It's Small Fry playing in the rain in front of our house. I'm guessing our recent fun time had a big impact!

This is a toy box... though it doesn't hold any toys..... just blankets. These little bears are yet again from Tiger Shark's baby days. Though the lamb photo of mama and papa is new. It may be familiar to you from our adoption blog. He calls this lamb "Mama" and sleeps with it every nap and at night.

Finally, this little bear was mine when I was born. I added the hat to give it some character. :-)

So, at least I found a place for some of the books, and Small Fry's room is looking much better! However, I still need to find a place for all of these.....

And these..... Sigh.


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh my - you have tons of books!!! That bookcase looks fantastic and I love that you have so much sentimental stuff in his room. Those items mean more than something you pay a lot for at a store just to have things look like a magazine ad!

Nekey said...

My book pile looks like your book pile.. :-) I love his room. It is so sweet!

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