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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiger Shark

Awww the Tiger Shark....

It's the name that was up for grabs. Everyone in the family wanted this name, including The King Fish. But it went to my eldest son. Here's the reason.... first (again) The King Fish wanted everyone to be a real fish. (Whatever... to me, it just has to sound right and make sense. I don't care whether it's a real fish or not). But secondly The King Fish always called our kids Tiger "Cat" when they were little. Tiger Shark was so close and my oldest is growing up so fast... the name just fit him the best.

Here's a little bit about this dear young man of mine. Like I said he is growing up so quickly. He will celebrate his 11th birthday soon. Where in the world did the time go? The Tiger Shark loves sports... baseball, basketball, hockey, football, tennis. But he would much rather be playing any one of those instead of watching them. He loves to play video games, when we let him... Wii especially. He's very creative and draws quite well. I'd love to see him develop his drawing a little further. He also plays the piano quite nicely. If you ask the Tiger Shark what his favorite subject is in school, he will say Math. He loves it... I think because he finds it to be easy.

He's a huge help to me around the house too! So when he recently fractured his elbow... I was down a man around here. He's my energizer bunny... the one who gets up and gets moving. But he is also my night owl, and if he could, he would stay awake as long as I do! (He definitely takes after his mom in that way!)

He is liked by all the girls. Seriously, there have been many with a crush on this kiddo.... when he was seven yrs old, one girl even began making wedding plans, and drew a nice picture of herself and my son on their wedding day. (Hmmmm.... I had to have a little talk about boyfriends, weddings etc etc with that trollop ... I mean sweet girl .... :-) He's a good listener and I think that will take him far. I'll be interested to see what he grows up to be... but one thing I'm sure, he's gonna make a great husband one day! :-)


Nekey said...

He is a cutie! LOL Ms. G says she is going to marry her best friend Josiah.. they crack me up. :-)

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