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Monday, June 15, 2009

Small Fry

Introducing Small Fry...

If you came over from our previous blog, then you know that Small Fry is our newest addition from Russia. And what a sweet addition he is!

He has been home 5 months now, and is so precious and at times so hard headed... it's hard to believe it's the same child! We thought to use the name Hammerhead...because of his strong willed nature. But we didn't want that to become some kind of self fulfilling prophecy. It's ironic that I chose small fry, since I am most concerned with his height. Hopefully he will have a growth spurt (actually many in the years to come) and who knows that name might just change as he gets older. But for now... small fry it is. (BTW- Small fry is what a young fish is called before it becomes an adult.... in case anyone wanted to know...)

This little guy loves music and singing. While we were visiting my sister he loved to take a small microphone and sing in it like he was on stage or something. He also loves to be outside... any time of the day! He enjoys the pool thoroughly and I think he will LOVE his little sand and water table that I got on clearance at Toys R Us. (I have to find a spot to put that outside. Someplace shady for mama too!) Another thing he likes to do is head to the store with Papa. When the King Fish comes home he usually heads to the grocery store and that is his time to bond with Small Fry. Just mention "shoes" and the Small Fry starts asking "Go Ride?... Go Ride?" When The King Fish answers, "Yes we're going for a ride", Small Fry will say with great gusto... "Let's Roll!!!" It makes us smile every time....


Nekey said...

He is so precious! We have a sand table. We LOVE it. Every now and then I will put dish liquid in the water side and the girls have fun playing with the bubbles.

Troy and Rachel said...

Just so stinkin' cute!!!

Stephanie said...

I could just EAT HIM UP!!!
I would love to get coffee of lunch soon and catch up with how things are going!

Unknown said...

He is SO precious!!
This is our blog..

I love the Let's Roll saying so cute!!

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