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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mama Fish

Well before there was a King Fish and all these little fish kids, there was me.. Mama Fish. No real story about my name.... lol! It just seemed to fit. I'll tell you a little about myself, as I never really get a chance to do so for whatever reason. While I can't write everything about myself, because there is not enough time, room or interest... here are a few things in no particular order.

I'm a northern girl who finds myself living in a southern area. It is HOT here in the summers, and those who know me know that I can't STAND the heat! I'm not sure I can still take the cold cold winters we had either, Russia gave me a taste of that again... and it wasn't pretty. My favorite times of the year are spring and fall, and thankfully my own allergies are almost non-existent so I can enjoy those two beautiful seasons!

I love the Lord and became a Christian my senior year of college. That fact alone is so a "God thing" as I was in a secular college definitely living my life for myself. We (the King Fish and I) are trying to raise Godly children in a world that is becoming increasingly anti-Christian.

I like country music (which I guess is a good thing if you live in the south). But I like a lot of varieties of music.... particularly Michael Buble. I love to remodel on a budget and thankfully I married a guy who likes to do that too! He's quite handy... and we like to see how cheaply inexpensively we can re-do something in our house. I have another blog that is all about that... called Cottage Roses if you want to check it out. I also love finding good deals and utilizing coupons. So you may find a picture post from time to time of a great deal or a great grocery trip I had with my savings. :-)

I used to work in the medical field managing a 28 group physicians practice, but decided to stay home after having my first child. That post in itself is another total "God thing" and I may have to post that testimony later, as we definitely could not afford to give up my paycheck and live on one salary at the time! After being home for 5 years, God laid the desire to homeschool on my heart, and so a somewhat trepidus individual entered the world of homeschooling... and it's a big world! You'll see posts of our "school days" too on here.

I love to organize... it's a little sickness I think. :-) But it comes and goes in spurts. If you saw my house now you would be like .... No way! My homeschool room alone looks like a tornado hit it! But I keep attempting to pare down, restructure and get organized.... it's definitely an ongoing process, and definitely difficult when you have 3 boys in the house all the time!

Finally I guess I love to blog. It's my outlet and I find it very therapeutic. I wish I could write that my outlet is exercise (like my sweet sister), but for now my OCD organizing and blogging are it. But in the future, if you see me writing about how I had a great workout and it kicked my butt... know that it's probably a huge answer to prayer...... and you'll need to celebrate with me!


Carolynn and Steve said...

Hey Jackie!
I'm loving the new blog! The theme, the whole concept--it's so fun!
Glad to know that I'm not the only OCD person I know--one of my friends said we should call it CDO, since we're so OCD that we'd actually alphabetize the disorder!
And by the way, thanks so much for sharing the Steven Curits Chapman song on the old blog--I'd never heard that one before (I'm not sure why, but I'd just missed it), but I've played it over and over since you've shared it...and trying to take the words to heart.
You go, mamma Fish!

Nekey said...

Love it!! I dont' have time to read right now.. but I wanted to say hi. Hi! I am going to go switch my blogroll to your new blog now.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home online. ;-)

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